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Our Vision is to enable the public to understand, enjoy and discuss architecture, locally and beyond.

The Australian Architecture Association supports discourse and the promotion of architecture in the Australian cultural milieu - architecture that is manifestly of its place and its time, which is simultaneously modern and timeless.

The right to practise with integrity, in an ethical and sustainable manner and with artistic and technical excellence is fundamental to architecture that is contemporary, culturally informed and socially engaged.

A constituency drawn from architects, likeminded professionals, commerce and the broad community will embed contemporary architecture as a primary tenet of our society.
The principle purpose of Building Designers Association of Australia is to be recognised as a leading professional design force in the building industry.

Building Designers Australia consists of a dedicated group of professionals who design and document building projects throughout Australia.

Building Designers Australia is a mature and active association which enjoys a high level of respect from the public, manufacturers and all levels of government.

Building Designer Association of Australia represents the interests, standards and professional development of Building Designers in every state and territory of Australia.

Members are bound by a Code of Ethics and encouraged to operate at the highest professional level at all times. The Association encourages design excellence from its members and promotes the benefits of good building design to the public.

Building Designers Australia is active in the development of education and training standards relevant to the building design profession and is now recognised by governments and educational institutions as the leading professional body for building designers.