Sliding doors vs Bifold doors

Luke Buckle
June 16, 2014
When you want to embrace a modern style for your indoor-outdoor space, there are two main options...

One opens more easily while the other offers a greater open space.

Which way do you slide?

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  • resist9
    Bifold doors look cool, but are hard to use in climates that have snow or insects.
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  • PRO
    Uncommon Doors
    You just cant beat having an entire opening (nearly). I do like sliding pocket doors for an exterior opening however they are very expensive.
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  • chookchook2
    Prefer sliding for ease of keeping out insects and ability to use part of that wall for furniture placement.
  • Sasha G.
    Sliding doors are just so convenient.
  • AmaSiy siy
    Busy building. I chose sliding doors over bifold doors. Wanted the sleekness of sliding doors and space saved. Worked out more expensive.
  • kimonoreincarnate
    We're putting in sliding doors, they just seemed easier with a young child in the house.
  • chookchook2
    What about one of these mid century modern doors?

  • Julie Polson
    We have bi fold which makes it extremely hard to have a fly wire screen. I would prefer sliding, especially in Aussie with all our flies.
  • Rose Bee
    my husband and I have been having this discussion for about 12 months. Neither of us wanted the lip of sliding doors, and weren't sure of bi-folds. We didn't need security as it was just to divide an outdoor living area so that in the winter time part of it becomes a 'sunroom'.We have just (today) purchased our idea of a compromise - Accolade Screens from Adelaide. Aluminium framed pvc screens which, because they are light, hang from the top, with no bottom frames or lips, I will post a photo when installed. We already had the concrete floor laid so didn't want to be bothered cutting in a channel for sliding doors plus we are in a very sandy rural area and I could see I would have to keep vacuuming all the red sand out of the channel.
  • PRO
    My Beautiful Abode
    Wide Sliders in a timber frame appeal to me more... and when they can slide into or along a wall for the whole opening they are divine. From the view of window dressing though; I find bi-folding doors to be more awkward.
  • melwishes
    chookchook2 - now I want to know what happens next......
  • chookchook2
    I can't tell you unless you get in the cone of silence with me.
  • melwishes
    Sounds freaky....
  • chookchook2
    Only on Fridays. Other days its normal.
  • Tamsicle
    We built a new extension ourselves (hubby is an apprentice carpenter) which has a kitchen facing out to the pool. We got 6 panel stacker doors (4600W x 2700H) so there ends up being a stack that is only about 800W leaving an opening of around the 3800 mark, Frame is about 300 deep all up and that's with stacking screens too .

    We set the frame into the concrete so we wouldn't have to step over it, This could be done on a timber floor also by taking out the floor boards and setting it into the floor joists.

    Final result is great, they came in at a cost of $4200
  • PRO
    Allkind Joinery & Glass
    If you want to open your home to the great outdoors, bifold doors are probably the best option. Bifolds allow you to open up an entire wall, and offer almost unlimited creative scope. If you're concerned about insects, the Centor S1E eco-screen is one of the best systems on the market - they're fully retractable and ideal for use with timber bifold doors. As for the debate of Timber vs Aluminum, for me it's about the difference in environmental impact - the production of aluminium results in 8x more greenhouse emissions and wastes 300x more water than timber production
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    Ben Wersching

    Sliding doors for me. More configuration options, less vertical lines, ease of operation, and with some clever design, you can still get the same opening size.

  • Julie Huynh

    Talking about conventional sliding vs stacker - sliding is cheaper, stacker has wider opening, stackers need regular adjusting, stacker may require more door panels / frames

    Architectural grade stuff - sliding can deliver the sleekness if the door/s are concealed beyond the wall -

  • Julie Huynh
    Got my terms mixed up, should have said bifolds rather than stacker. Stacker is a variant of sliding.
  • Jessie Harrison

    I have a whole wall that I need to block off with some sort of door. I'm thinking that a bi-fold door would be awesome. However, my husband kind of wants a sliding door. I just think how cool it'd be to have a whole wall made up of a door that could easily be tucked away when needed. This would make outdoor barbecues a lot easier. It would sure save me from having to open the door every time. 

  • PRO
    Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Services

    Bifold give an unobstructed view and more useable space

  • LesleyH
    Fly screening bifold doors can be very expensive. We have a 2m floor to ceiling sliding door that slides into a wall cavity. Also expensive to flyscreen this as well..
  • Ibrahim Hassan

    I recommend getting a quick audit from a professional, everything said here is obviously very useful but I always find it a bunch more helpful to get a personalised phone call. Most people are happy to talk for 20 minutes and most of the time it saves me hours and hours of research. I went with these guys when talking about it, installed the doors myself but they really saved me some time

  • Mumof2g

    Depends where you live. If you live anywhere that is partial to flies, mosquitos, moths etc (as in most of Australia!), I would get sliding stacker doors so you can add sliding fly screen doors (also extra layer of security). We chose this over bifolds several years ago - no regrets at all. We have three panels so even when the doors are all the way open stacked up, there's still quite a big opening.

  • PRO
    Taurus Installations

    You will get a great result with both. however, with a Sliding stacking door you can get a sliding security screen which you can't do with Bifold doors. Something to consider.

  • abraham7455

    Does anyone know how aluminium sliding doors stack up when compared to more traditional bifold doors? Calling these lads to get it installed but I'd like to do it myself and want to know how difficult it is, thanks!