Would you try temporary wallpaper?

Luke Buckle
July 9, 2014
last modified: July 9, 2014
Our office has been discussing the value of temporary wallpaper - large fabric and PVC decals that can be more easily than traditional wallpaper. But not everyone loves it - preferring the all-or-nothing commitment of original wallpaper.

So would you try these wall-size panels? And do you trust the wallpaper not to leave a sticky residue?
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  • Tony Been
    Never tried it, but love it as an idea - allows you be bold, but with a safety net
  • PRO
    So good for indecisive people (me!). Even better if we can print our own designs - is this possible?
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    Can anyone help me find this wallpaper ?please.....


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    michandy, I'm sorry -- I've looked and come up with nothing! If you even suspect it came from Country Home Ideas, try sending a photo to them to see if they can help. Or, hang in there -- someone here on Houzz may know where to get it. Christi, on behalf of Thos. Baker
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    Would you recommend wallpaper to others?


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    I think it really depends on the style and look that you want to achieve in your house - you should never give someone the advice to use wallpaper without knowing their design aesthetic. With that being said, I think that wallpaper is a lovely touch in older heritage listed home, because you can add the modern touch through it to the home, depending on the pattern.
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    Which wall should i wallpaper?


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    I would definitely paint out timber frames, they in themselves become the feature if you don't…..and I would hope you mean a soft grey! To "hide" skirts and arc's (I renovate and sell for a living) I do them the same colour as the walls but in a satin finish…..you could do semi gloss….a water based enamel works best. Make sure you prep them well though, either a good sand to rough up, or something like ESP. I always thought rule of thumb for a feature wall, paper or paint, is the wall opposite the greatest light source, ie. the wall that gets hit with the most natural light. Failing that, I think it would look lovely on the alcove/bay window wall and do the inset of the alcove/bay window in a contrast….say a soft version of the pinkish hues in the paper??? You seem to have some substantial pieces of furniture, and a piano, so doing the other walls would compete and look overbearing to me. Unless you are going the whole Regency style embossed paper/stripes/pattern everywhere…………...
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    Sorry about the photos the first is behind the TV the second is the blank wall behind loung. This lounge will not be there a new one is on order in a colour called Donkey. The last is the wallpaper on the table lying horizontally. Hopes this helps. Pictures taken at night with iPad not as clear as I would have liked.
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  • PRO
    Great idea, would surely try it !
  • PRO
  • whiteknight62
    I would try it
  • russianbaroness
    Yes! Gives new meaning to instant update/gratification! Change it in a couple of years as your design mood shifts.
  • Brian Norfolk
    I would try it. In fact, I have been looking for a good shot of the chicago skyline for this very purpose.
  • rustyand
    How about trying a printed king size bed sheet and starch? that way you get a change and it comes off very easy..
  • lisaabell
    @rustyand: love the idea, but starch attracts silverfish....
  • lisaabell
    I would try this wallpaper- how much is it?
  • kirstieparker
    As a renter I have been thinking about options to cover up my horrible blue bedroom walls... temporary wallpaper could be the answer!
  • toddmanning
    I have used the single decals & also rolls of stylish prints as temporary borders to add style to a teens room. Both were removed from walls easily. Peeled away in one piece. You can actually reuse them, they continue to stick but leave no stickiness on the walls or doors. They wrinkle when removed but all you need to do is place in new location & smooth. Wrinkles disappear. They are also washable while on the wall. I purchased mine a few years ago on Amazon. They had the largest selection & best prices.
  • sunnie2day
    Would try it and trust it. Love this!
  • sutclifc
    Watched the video and can't help but think it should come with the guy who is installing it! I mean, can I borrow him to do the 'temporary' installation? I remember our first attempts at wallpapering and can't help but think that I'd wear out the 'temporary' part of the stuff before I had successfully lined up the seams.
  • erinbliss
    I would try a temporary wallpaper but having recently looked at one etsy page, they seem ridiculously high priced.
  • rustyand
    lisaabel- I have not had that happen..
  • dlheuer
    Does it adhere to textured walls?
  • PRO
    Design By Viktoria
    It's a great idea - you can change the look without major reno. It's especially great if the turnover in the office is high...
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  • Shiryo Leymarie
    It is a great idea especially partially on the wall to match the cushions for a interior refresh.
    Also can be used for museum wall when you need to redecorate every time?
  • aliciawalden
    We tried it and failed miserably at installing it. The one we picked out was a chevron pattern and it was ridiculously hard to match up the pattern and not leave a gap between the pieces. With regular wallpaper you use that paste on the back and once you put it on the wall you have a few minutes to slide it around and get it lined up properly. With the temp paper it's like tape on back and however the top starts directs how the whole piece lays down, with the pattern we had chosen even if it matched at the top that didn't mean it lined up great at the bottom. The material it was made of was like a very stretchy thin vinyl, so when we would peel it up to try and line it up better it would stretch out slightly and at that point we could never get the pattern lined up right. We ended up pulling it down and painting stripes. Also it was fairly expensive so we were disappointed with our temp paper experience. I would definitely recommend hiring a professional to install it.
  • erinbliss
    I was looking at temp paper that cost $36 for one 20 inch x 48 inch panel. Can you imagine the cost prohibitive nature of this product? It was $74 for a 20 inch by 96 inch panel. Do the math and you could buy two of the shorter panels for $72!
    Now doing one wall, say 8 feet tall x 10 feet wide, would cost you $444!
    I don't know about all of you but that is insane! I could hire an artist for that kind of $ or make a reprinting deal with my landlord!
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  • onthecoast1
    PVC papers are too expensive to even be considered on walls. And my "real" wallpaper days are OVER....never again will that stuff be in my house! I would, however, consider putting up regular fabric with starchy water (check Google for the tutorial, I forget how it's done exactly), just haven't had a good opportunity to do it. I know the starch hardens the fabric to the wall but can be wiped off with a wet rag when the fabric is pulled down.
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  • PRO
    SQFT Studios
    This seems terribly wasteful. Buildings should be durable, and thoughtfully designed and decorated. Hang a picture on the wall if you need something temporary.
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  • Luke Buckle
    Good question from @dlheuer - "Does it adhere to textured walls?"
  • Margo
    I would try this product if it is cost friendly;)
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  • PRO
    River Valley Cabinet Works
    What is the cost analysis? Does it cost less than a bucket of paint? They have other stuff for temporarily decorating walls...Upper Case Living?
  • toddmanning
    @Luke Buckle @dlheur I would say probably, because it sticks to everything. But having used it in several different situations, I would say it would be very difficult to smooth it out & make it look right over a textured surface. It does take a little patience to smooth out the wrinkles when applying. It's a little more difficult than wallpaper because it's a lighter paper, but it doesn't tear easy because it's reusable. Yet can be cut easily with scissors.
  • PRO
    LineBox Studio
    Why not????? If your space is well designed its fun to add some whimsy (Art, Wallpaper, texture) even more so if you can easily change it over time. One has to watch not to be focussed on "surface" and or letting the wallpaper / colour be the space. A well designed space doesn't need accents.
  • PRO
    Decorative Philosophy
    We recently used a photoTex like material for our large mural installation of Karen's Fish design at the Bay Head Travel Agency. Sticks with no residue and is fantastic. At under $500 for a piece about 6' x 7' (without installation costs) that will add a real WOW factor to your space, it is a great way to go.
  • erinbliss
    That's even more expensive than the temp paper I found on Etsy!
  • PRO
    Susan Jones Interior Design + Home Organization
    I did it in the kitchen of a tiny beach house rental. It was cheap, simple to install (I turned it sideways) and looks so cozy. Great quality... Love it!
  • PRO
    Decorative Philosophy
    Our murals are custom sized from our original art, perhaps that's why they are more expensive than the Etsy product. We customize to fit the space and add/subtract to the design to make it uniquely your own.
    You can see the fish wall in Bay Head Travel Agency in our Projects & Ideabooks at houzz.com/pro/khladu/decorative-philosophy. Hope you'll take a look.
  • Linda blanch
    I have always done something a bit different, made a few large elongated frames the same width as the paper (or twice the width if the paper dictates this) and buy 1 x roll of gorgeous paper which I occasionally change over time. This is very cheap as one roll does at least 3x very long panel (if its one panel long). Have a look at Tricia Guilds gorgeous styled victorian homes which have the original panels papered. This means every few years for the cost of a roll of paper the whole room can change its entire look. Make the framed back from MDF and the frame itself can be either modern or traditional. Happy papering...you don't even need a wallpaper hanger! Easy as! Lisa
  • poconolu
    Years ago we used 12X12 squares called Flair Squares that you wet and stuck to a clean wall, but were removable and reusable. We used the same wallpaper squares at several apartments and I even put up some very bright, very ugly pop art flower squares in my office at an institutional building that I worked in. Funny thing was after I put up the squares, I had so many more visitors who would sit and talk about how they hated the wallpaper - but they would not leave!

    I believe the squares were a precursor for Tyvek. We bought them from an old hardware store that was going out of business for 50 cents for 10 squares. I would love to find them again, but I am sure we would not find them for that price.
  • Sandra Miller
    We were going to try it in a tiny powder room. There was a groupon for it and still the price was close to $1000. It IS very expensive! We chose paint instead.
  • Lisa Schemmel
    I plan on using it on the backs of my white bookshelves. will let u know how it looks/works.
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  • Shelley
    I would use it for sure, if I could find it.
  • Susan Vale
    I am thinking of using it in the entry area in my bathroom. No way I am installing it though. I can't even cover a book in contact!
  • PRO
    Ferris Zoe Design
    ok, watched 5 seconds of the video. this is an experienced wallcovering installer. looks like a very difficult DIY to me. you said "our office". does that mean your home office? try paint first. sample it on one wall to see what the color looks like in your space. try a bunch of colors if you're doing it yourself, but use a large wall sample in different lighted areas of the room to know what the outcome will be. never choose paint from just a chip. buy a pint or smaller if possible of each color. it will save $$ and "why did we choose that color" comments. typically a designer will choose a chip, then go one or more shades lighter for the final choice, because colors almost always look darker when they are on the walls.
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  • Luke Buckle
    @Ferris, Hi, It's a studio space we are renting to operate Houzz in Australia. You may be right about the difficulty of DIY. Good idea with the sample pots.
  • Luke Buckle
    @Lisa Schemmel, I am eager to see how your shelving idea goes.
  • PRO
    Mint Design
    I have seen fabric applied with a liquid starch. It was easily removed, left no residue and the fabric was then washed and reused for something else. Perhaps that is an option?
  • mldesign0401
    Love the idea of it, and so do many others, now all they need to do is market to the base consumer and make it as affordable as it is do-able! It will sell volumes.
  • PRO
    Susan Jones Interior Design + Home Organization
    I saw what looks like a similar product at Target the other day. Like all popular decor products, it's trickled down to the mass market. I predict bins of it at TJ Maxx/Home Good within six months. And that's a GOOD thing!
  • mairja

    I have removable wallpaper hanging now, I think I like it more than I thought I would, so that's why it's still there after 12 months. I can tell you when it was hung, one piece went in the "wrong spot" after it was noticed, peeled off and rehung-no problem at all. It was purchased online from Spoonflower. Much cheaper 12 months ago than now with the exchange rate. Removable wallpaper? Yes please and the only way I would do it.

  • PRO
    The Wall Sticker Company

    Grab a free A4 sample of our removable wallpaper from here:


    At Checkout enter "TWPC_HOUZZ"

    (Find the wallpaper you like and then select the A4 sample option and check out at no cost!)

    We print to order removable landlord-friendly wallpaper. It's $55/msq for our standard range and we supply it in wall height drops so there's no waste. It's got the adhesive on the back and it sticks gently to flat and textured walls. We've never had a complaint about matching or difficult installing - it can't be stuffed up, it just takes time. It can be repositioned over and over and the edges butt join so it has the high end look of traditional wallpaper. Although it's temporary, it will stay up and look perfect for 10 years +. No nasty surprises with Phototex, it's a really nice product. Email me with questions! jen@thewallpapercompany.com.au

  • KK1000
    @The Wallpaper Company I wanted to order sample but your website is impossible to use on IPad . Takes to long to load the page and doesn't register the order.
  • PRO
    The Wall Sticker Company

    Are you on www.thewallstickercompany.com.au ? (our non trade site). Try switching to standard view down the bottom or try viewing on a desktop or phone perhaps. Otherwise email me which sample you want and your address please jen@thewallpapercompany.com.au Thanks