Need help picking paint colors for living room with poor natural light

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago
Hello. My husband and I live in a narrow townhowm in Washington DC. We are in the process of picking a paint color that will be used for most of our downstairs (living room and dining area) as well as our stairway and upstairs hallway. The space is huge but has low ceilings and receives little natural light. We are eager to infuse the space with something a little more interesting than the current ivory/beige tone. The walls are long and flat- we are going to add nice baseboards which will be painted white and we are going to paint the mantle white- so I am hoping to pick a color that would help accent the trim.

Does anyone have any good recs on colors that we should consider using? We are planning to use a Benjamin Moore paint color so if anyone has any particular recommendations here it would particularly helpful. Originally we had been wanting to do a light gray but now I am worried that it will look washed out and make the room even darker. Does anyone have any view on this?

I have attached some pictures of our living room taken with an iphone at night without all the lights on- they are not great but give you a good idea of the space.



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