3Br renovation. New windows, doors, carpet, kitchen, bathroom, laundry

Michele Stewart
February 1, 2015
Thinking of adding a storey and altering back area where kitchen currently is. Builder needed to give advice and potential costs - location Campbelltown (NSW) area.

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  • Barbara
    I'm not a builder but am building with hubby, a single storey limestone home.
    Our daughter built a two storey limestone home just down the road, that hubby also built for her and the extra foundations she had to install would be at least twice more than we have for our single storey, not to mention that there were allot of short walled founds leading off the perimeter of her home to assist in less likelihood of wall roll out and the inspector called it.
    Cost for you, will depend on whether you have adequate foundations to carry a second storey and usually that is never the case.
    All the lower walls will need double the support and it usually has to carry on down to the foundations, depending on whether you have a solid concrete slab or concrete stumps that are accessible.
    This would mean most of the plaster being removed and hoping that you find no nasty surprises as far as the condition of the existing frame in the home, the builder would as I mentioned, have to add structural supports to carry the second storey.
    Most often, second stories are built with a hardiplank type exterior and certainly not brickwork as you would then difinitely have to have extra foundations in for such a reno and you would have to start asking yourself if it isn't better to demolish as this type of reno can be extremely costly.
    You might be lucky but probably highly unlikely, to have adequate structional integrity to be able to add a second storey, without everything I have mentioned to be skipped in any way.
    I hazzard a guess that such a reno would cost you $250,000+ and maybe more.
    Would love to know what you finally decide to do and your builders estimate.
    Good luck.
  • PRO
    Happy to advise. Budget for $1800 per square meter footprint ground floor, and $2200psm first floor. Once your budget is sorted out you can establish the feasibility of your envisioned project, then it's off to Mr draughtsman and onto builders for quotes. Best of Luck Doug
  • mickmaus
    Thanks Barbara, That is certainly a lot of information I have no knowledge or experience of. I have been tentatively advised by a relative in the building industry that it would be better to just demolish and start over. I see potential to improve the space that is there, maybe open up kitchen/dining to a back deck area but would need to alter the back of the house to do so and had a naive thought about also going up.
    You have helped greatly just by posting yours and your daughter's personal experience of 'simply' adding a storey and the cost sounds quite substantial too. Much appreciated advice from you.
    kind regards,
  • PRO
  • jbantick

    Find a good draftsman (or building designer) that understands building costs as well as good layouts that work. Stairs are alway a pain as they take up a lot of room, much more than most people realise. Going out is usually cheaper than going up, but site coverage needs to be kept in mind. This is something a lot of people don't realise either.

    Tell the designer what you need but leave it up to them to work it out. That's their expertise and they know the local council by-laws, NCC/BCA, State Planning, etc.. They will probably even have a basic design idea already once they're on site and speaking with you!! The key is finding good ones........

  • homeideasadelle
    We looked at demolishing v's extending and have gone with an extention. Plans have been done and we are waiting, waiting, waiting, for final approval and then builder will start - exciting. Trying to do ours for under 200K but hubby wants a new shed so that is another 20K. We are adding a two storey extention, which will not alter the existing house much apart from opening up back wall. When it all starts I will be taking lots of photos to share
  • jbantick

    6-8 weeks is around the standard time it takes council to approve it all. If you haven't heard anything within two weeks it's a good sign it's all good, happy days!

    Extending is still cheaper in most cases rather than demolish. Unless the grand plan is very grand! Good luck with your project, exciting times ahead with many decisions you haven't even thought of yet. Tiles, colours, architrave choices......soft furnishings........

  • PRO
    The Makeover Group

    Michele, if you have plans or even something you've done roughly on the back of an envelope you can use this estimator to get a sense of your required budget. Check out

    Online Renovation Costs Calculator

    Good luck. Richard@themakeovergroup