Matt or gloss kitchen cabinets?

March 9, 2015
We're renovating our kitchen and had always thought white gloss cabinets would be the best option to maximize light and the illusion of space in our small, enclosed space (3.3m x 2.4m with good natural light). However, we've been advised to go with a matt finish by one designer which has us stumped. What would you do?

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  • theamazingmisssharon
    I had the same dilemma and am going matt. I decided I don't really like the gloss. Good luck with yours!
  • kokoritz70
    Go the matt! I have gloss and I hate it!
  • curiousbutton
    Thanks kokoritz70, what do you hate about the gloss?
  • haephestus
    I split the difference and went with semi-gloss. It has a slight "sheen" to help reflect light, but it isn't super-shiny so that fingerprints, etc are easily visible.
  • PRO
    Renovation Angel Interior Design Noosa
    Matt has a far more superior, lux look! Gloss is out of date! If it's not too late perhaps chose Satin as a compromise!
  • PRO
    Made In Italy Kitchens
    Instead of having the whole kitchen in just one color, you could have two different finishes - for instance, glass overheads and matt base cabinets.
  • cindypaynter
    Talking from both our old house we had Gloss cupboards our new house now we have Matt cupboars...

    Gloss: to clean all we needed to do was just do one quick wipe over with window shine and a cloth, they always looked beautiful and shinny...they even added money on when we sold our house!! Absolutly LOVED them...would fully recommend them

    Matt: to clean...there is now three water and sugar soap to get rid of the finger marks and oils, then a wet cloth after that then you have to dry it or it looks terrible!!! i hate our cupboards much effort to keep them looking nice and they are very dull

    but it just depends what look you are aiming for!! Good Luck...and let us know what you end up choosing!!
  • YveeB
    We just did ours and went with a semi-gloss, very very happy with that decision. The full gloss would have been way to reflective. The builder should have samples to show you the finish
  • Kathy

    Plus always go gloss as they look pricier and classier. I agree with a mix of colours ie: bottom cupboards darker and top lighter. We've built 4 houses to date and each had different finish kitchen- overall decision was gloss... For cleaning reasons so much easier and always looks high end. Good luck. Ps. I'm trying to convince hubby to build again! :)