Does owner building save on building costs as much as first thought?

Qtrust Insurances & Advisory
5 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

How much can be saved though owner building your new dream family home or renovating the existing home? And do owner builders save as much as they first planned? Qtrust recently completed a survey of 400 owner builders who commenced their project during April and October 2014. The survey objectives was to ascertain if owner building delivers building cost saving as planned.

  • 68% of invitations received a reply.
  • 58% of respondents replied with ‘YES, the project stayed on budget and meet their cost expectations’.
  • 24% replied with a ‘NO, they exceed their budgets’.
  • 18% could not say either way.

When asked, ‘is owner building worth the savings and construction commitments?

  • 51% replied with ‘YES, would do it again”,
  • 33% replied ‘NOT again’, and
  • 16% undecided.

The question we believe is equally important and not addressed in our survey: ‘are these owner building results out of step when a licenced or registered builder or project building company is engaged? We would be interested in hearing your views and your experiences, and of course comments.

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