Nicole Uren
April 9, 2015
We have slowly purchased all of our furniture as it our first home but it looks really bland at the moment! I need rugs, art, and lamps and needing suggestions on what would really tie the room together. It seems we stumbled upon our colour scheme of orange, grey, and subtle blues. Suggestions please! :)

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  • 2dogssashatess
    HI, I wold suggest you get some plants to add color and soften the look.
  • Pazz
    Orange and blue are on the opposite ends of the colour wheel so together with the grey as the neutral to tone down, it all works!... with an open plan, you want to define the zones and the best way to achieve that is with rugs... start with the orange couch as it's the biggest item (and probably most costly to replace)...

    1. Orange is a 'block' colour so break it up with a geometric & monochromatic rug (black/white or charcoal/white) and large enough (best is 2mx3m) for the edge of the rug to sit just under the front base of the couch (for a budget option check out Ikea's Lappljung Ruta 2x3m rug:

    2. Pick a few scatter cushions for the couch... a couple of monochrome ones to match the rug (note Ikea's got matching cushions to the above rug) plus a couple of blue ones to tie in the blue hues and introduce a third colour and/or textured cushions to break it up

    3. Find a large piece of abstract artwork, either canvas or just a framed print if on a budjet, which picks up the main colours of blue and orange plus a mix of any other colours. Place the artwork on that dining room wall on the left (no offense, but the current one there looks lost, it's too small and colour blends into the wall too much)

    4. Love your dining chairs, but if there are only four and it looks like the table can accommodate six chairs, then you could do with a couple more but not in white. Get two more chairs in the same or a similar style, but in orange (or blue if you want a more muted look e.g. Freedom's Brandon dining chair: sounds out there, but mix-match dining chairs are very much on trend.

    5. The exposed brick wall actually works really well with your colour scheme, but break it up with some floating shelves on one side (black/charcoal so the tv doesn't stand out so much, or just a natural timber to tie in the orange) for photo frames, books, objects, ferns, etc and one the other side create a nice little vignette of similar items on top of a cabinet noting to pick colours from the palette.

    A few inspiration photos I found on Houzz that sort of reflect what I suggested above... good luck! :)

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  • Lainie
    Great suggestions @pazz ! I would also look at maybe wall mounting your TV, that would free you up to do a lot more with your brick wall which seems to be a feature.
  • Lynne Kyd
    I like the brick wall but it needs colour as it is so close in colour to the couch. Maybe abstract canvas with bright dark blue ,a dash of white and small amount of orange to tie in with the couch.
    I think use only 3 colours as too many colour confuses things.
    I think Pazz has good advise. Plain blue cushions and a few with pattern and texture on couch.
    I would move the furniture around a bit and zone it with similar art work in dining area to tie in with the canvas on the brick wall.
    Aline the couch with the tv which could be placed on the wall or surrounded by shelves.
    The dining table is very swish but needs something more decorative on top,maybe a plant with a bamboo runner.
    Don't over do it with bits and pieces leave it simple.
  • PRO
    Hi, I think Pazz has nailed a solution for your rooms.
    Re art work, I have a website that shows Styling with Art.
    It is I can ship to where ever you are, so you might like to look,
    All the best!