What do I do with this timber fence?

5 years ago
This fence used to be black but it looked very drab next to the grey decking and black shed. We tried painting white but now it just looks so bare. It is a very long space - prob about 20meters. I really need a cost effective solution to dress it up. Not sure whether to paint it black again or charcoal? The fences next to it are black timber and we have a glass pool fence.

Aside from painting, I was thinking planter boxes and maybe some narrow bench seats (the space is not deep so limited with depth).

Any ideas on what plants are ok for planter boxes, don't require lots of upkeep and don't drop lots of leaves or flowers? I like the idea of Ivy or jasmin (but I think jasmin drops a lot?). Or do I get pots and put palms or similar in? My partner doesn't want hedges. I want to cover up the flat boards as they look pretty horrible.

Anyway, I have confused myself and now not sure that colour to do fence or how to decorate that does not cost lots of $$$

Objective opinions please!

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