Paint colour ideas?

May 24, 2015
last modified: May 24, 2015

Hi All,

I'm looking to paint our little fibro home to freshen it up a bit as we have just finished renovating the inside. I'm not looking at cladding at the moment as this will be done further down the track as part of a major renovation.
I'm looking at painting everything, roof, gutters, walls etc so feel free to throw out any colour schemes that come to mind, I've been thinking of a darker colour for the walls and a white trim for windows etc but then i'm stuck on what colour to paint the tiled roof?

The tiles roof will be pressure cleaned & painted by a professional.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Luke Buckle

    Sounds like it is going to look very different! Can't wait to see the result.

    I like this kind of grey-blue with white accents. Have you considered that?

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  • jstirl
    Thanks Luke, I do like the greys & a dark colour will hide the fibro a bit but I'm a bit unsure about a dark roof with dark walls although I do like that pic.
  • LouieT

    If your area gets hot then go for a lighter shade, grey goes with most colours. What is our interior scheme & can you bring that to the outside somehow? I like this grey.

    Ira Lippke · More Info

    If your roof looks okay after cleaning & does't need repainting? A bit like Pantone's colour of the year 2014...

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    White also could look stunning.

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  • jstirl
    Thanks Louise, I'm still leaning towards the grey. At the moment I'm thinking Dulux flooded gum for the walls and dulux monument for the roof with white gutters and trims. Still not sure about going white for garage & entrance doors or paint them in the monument.
  • elzermank

    Looks to me as though you've got some sinking rafters in the roof or is it just the photo? If so you might save a bit of money having that fixed and re-roof with colourbond to kill two birds. If that fits in with the major renovation down the line.

  • Sian Sampey
    I think those greys would look quite nice. Definitely go with a white front door but I wouldn't recommend that on the garage door... It would distract from the entrance.
  • LouieT

    I think maybe the garage door in the Monument and the entrance door in the white.

  • jstirl
    Thanks for the input everyone, going to do the garage first in the flooded gum & monument for the door. Will post pics when it's completed.
  • mel_durb
    Love your grey colour choices . Monument is a great colour & will definitely modernise your home . We have recently sprayed our old tiled roof in this colour, looks great!
  • Kate Partenio

    My house is painted in bar floor. A Dulux colourf with grey gutters and Creaam Window trim

  • Kate Partenio

    Barnfloor. I hat auto correct

  • jstirl
    Was playing around on the Wattyl paints colour visualiser (Dulux's is down) had to guess similar colours to what Dulux has. I think the light grey is close to the flooded gum but not sure if I like the darker colour better, thoughts?
  • mel_durb
    I think I like the lighter grey on the walls