This or that? Under-stair shoe storage

Luke Buckle
June 14, 2015

These two ingenious storage designs are some of our most popular photos on Houzz.

The first, by @Zugai Strudwick & @Henarise in Australia has been saved to more than 120,000 ideabooks. The pull-out shelving solution was designed by @Ben Herzog (USA) and has been saved more than 160,000 times.

Which of these two kinds of shoe storage would you prefer under your stairs?

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  • chookchook2

    Brooklyn looks safer.

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  • Najeebah
    I imagine Brooklyn as safer as well:)
    Also, it wouldn't have the inconvenience of 2 people trying to use the stairs and storage simultaneously.
    it would probably be more sturdy, as the stairs themselves are not hollow.
    it provides more storage space than the first would
    it seems more ergonomically friendly.

    However, the advantage of the first design, is that it can be used in small places, and won't block a walkway
  • whynottryit

    Luke, Luke, Luke....haven't you learned by now that I ALWAYS need an "other" button. I keep mine (my shoes) in my closet in the bedroom. I'm totally baffled by these solutions, clever though they may be.

  • whynottryit

    Touché, chook...lol.

  • whynottryit

    Edited for you, chookie.

  • junipergirl

    If you have stairs like the Zen with no external area then that is a great idea! If you have the older stairs with some side access then that is a great idea, too! I wish I HAD stairs to put my shoes so I would stop tripping over them in my tiny bedroom!

  • susan_66

    Sturdiness isn't a problem - if you look under most modern staircases, you'll find that there is nothing under the treads - the vertical bits joining stairs aren't really structural at all. I love Brooklyn - but it does rule out carpeting your stairs.

  • Sam Ridley
    Both ideas are great. I never store my shoes in bedroom wardrobes. I have an inbuilt wardrobe in the laundry and two sections are for shoe storage. As soon as everyone comes home the shoes are taken off and left in the laundry so they can aerate and then they get put away in their clear plastic labelled boxes or the hanging shoe shelves (for everyday shoes eg sneakers, work shoes etc.)
  • wuff
    I agree with our mate chook. Zen just way too dangerous, imagine carrying a basket of washing down the stairs and some one leaving a stair drawer open. I can't believe it is allowed.
  • Luke Buckle
    Ok, I'll be sure to include Other buttons from now on, @whynottryit. ;)
  • PRO
  • Christine Griffiths
    Cupboard is not just safer, it doesn't require labeling. Who wants to open 17 drawers to find the one pair of shoes? Also you can deodorize the whole lot at once in the cupboard.