Glass splash back colour?

June 30, 2015
Nearing the end of my kitchen renovation, I'm unable to decide on the splash back colour. The builder has suggested MalayGray which matches the oven, but I think it's too dark. The bench tops are caesarstone linen, cupboards gloss laminate in Alabaster, I'm wondering about an olive green. The splash back will run behind the hot plates, and will be the same height until it reaches the window, then runs along the back of the sink and under the microwave shelf. I'm thinking I would prefer it to be lower on the wall near the red kettle, you can see the height it used to be, would the same height as behind the hot plates be too much in that area?

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  • Brandi Nash Hicks
    Mirrored tiles would be gorgeous and reflect light and veiw
  • PRO
    Elements at Home

    If you want something with a hint of green you could check out Linseed or Army Issue (Dulux colours) my fear would be that they would look to similar to your bench top and not have enough contrast. Personally I think the Malay grey would look amazing and if you are taking the colour up behind your microwave that would add some great depth. for the space.

  • susan_66

    I'm with the first poster - not so much mirrored tiles, but tiles. I'm not a fan of glass splashbacks at all. I think their wave may have come and gone.

    The thing with tiles is that you can add a feature line or pattern, so that it doesn't all have to be the same colour.

  • gailloon

    I would keep a similar colour to the cabinets. I think coloured splash backs look too busy and would detract and break up the clean lines of the lovely cabinetry.

  • ngpage

    We installed a mirrored splash back in our white kitchen and it looks stunning. It brings the light into an area - our kitchen is on the back wall of our apartment and doesn't have a window. This would brighten up your cooktop area as it looks like it doesn't catch much light from the window. They really aren't any more difficult to clean than a glass splash back - just finish with a chamois and microfibre cloth and voila! Perhaps extend the caesar stone under the window strip for continuity.

  • joyzzz
    Avoid glass, I agree with the previous comment. They're over and too expensive.
  • PRO
    Manley Homes

    If you like cleaning all the time then go with a glass splashback. Their highly reflective surface shows every spot and mark. As mentioned previously they have had their day.
    Otherwise go for a tile. Either way I wouldn't introduce another colour like green because it comes from nowhere and does not relate to anything.
    To stand the test of time you should go for a colour that tones perfectly with your linen bench top. Linen has a pinky tone to it so this is the tone you are looking for. Alabaster has the slightest of slightest pinky tone so your cupboards and top already work perfectly together.
    If you choose a colour the same or a simililar depth of colour to your bench top, it will create a beautiful contrast for your overhead cupboards.
    If you choose a tile ( I would) then choose a large tile 600x300 in a gloss and lay them horizontally. This will match the modern look of your kitchen and will also make your kitchen feel larger. Do NOT let anyone talk you into laying them upright! Then to finish off your kitchen you should tile to the ceiling all around the kitchen. It will look great! ...... I promise! I do this stuff everyday.
    Also ,you do not need any feature strip with it because less definitely is more.
    You've spent all that money on your beautiful kitchen so now you need to choose the right splashback to do it justice. The colour is the MOST important thing. This is the icing on the cake. Do not scrimp here. Good luck.

  • Joanna Pelc

    We did our kitchen reno a year ago and got a bright orange glass splash back behind the stove. It was a HUGE risk but we are still loving it! As for cleaning, it only takes a wipe, same as kitchen counter. We have tiles above the sink area (didn't want to have too much orange - just a highlight) where we put white tiles and the grout is already filthy. If you go tiles don't expect the grout to stay white for long. Or get coloured grout.

  • craigduggan

    I am with ngpage. I think a mirrored splash back would look sensational in this area.

    Have you considered using led strip lighting mounted under the cupboards, this looks great when used with a mirror splash back. the channel simply screws underneath and the strip lighting slides in.

    Just imagine how stunning this would look at night.

  • jgoodwin26
    "Maid Healthy", "Pimp My Place"-- Home Renovations and Maid Services (room staging).
    The very first thing that comes to mind to orange and just so long as your heat source is not too close, the glass splash; all will be good.
  • olldroo

    Firstly, are you taking the spashback up to the microwave shelf? If you are, will you do the same height on the window wall at that end? If so then I would definitely take the other end to under cupboard height. If not, then I see no problem keeping the whole window wall at the lower level.

    On the subject of glass spashbacks, I seriously considered one too, but colour was the big problem that turned me away from it. It was either having it white or the same colour as my walls and I could see no point in that at all when I felt my kitchen did need a 'feature'. I think to bring a striking colour in as a feature on one wall, they can be good, but on 3 or 4 walls, they are too much.

    Check out the range of mosaic glass tiles on the market now, there is a great range of colours from very subdued to bold. I chose white ones with hints of pastel shades that change as the light changes in the room and they also reflect other colours in the room. They have a sparkle that adds life to the kitchen without being obvious. I have never had a problem with grout, if you clean the tiles regularly, the grout stays clean - failing that spray with bleach.

  • Laura Beaupeurt
    Because of one thing and another, I had to get a new splash back. I decided on red glass. There were a few doubters but once in it looks absolutely fabulous. I have no issues with it looking dirty and it is very easy to clean. Due to its reflective nature it enhances the size of the kitchen and looks beautiful with my white walls and light timber finish bench top. I wouldn't go back to tiles - they look busy and the grout discolours. It was definitely worth the money. What you save on tiles, you pay in labour in their installation.
  • kooky_karen

    Our new all white kitchen will have Dulux Coolwaters. I was going to have the Caesarstone Linen but decided to be more daring. The splashback was to be a similar colour to the Caesarstone. My thought was that it would be a smooth unassuming contrast to the bench cupboards and those above.

    I would have the splashback the same height all the way around to the window.

  • misslizzie21
    Thank you Houzz community, what an amazing bunch you are! I really appreciate all your advice and constructive comments and have taken it all on board. Although I'm sure the mirror tiles or smokey glass would look amazing, it's just not my style. Our family room is adjacent so I need to consider the decor there, which I guess is what you would call "family comfortable"! Mosaic tiles sound interesting, I'll check those out. I thought glass was on trend, so am surprised to hear it's on the way out, oh dear, I really must keep up more.

    Decision day is looming, I'll let you know how the story ends. And once again, thank you all.
  • kiwikaryn

    Use clear glass for the splashback and place wallpaper behind the glass. That way you can get any pattern/print/colour you like, and if you want to change it later, its a simple job to swap the wallpaper out or paint over it. http://imgcdn.thewebconsole.com/wh/514/gallery/49ade8e9f4198.jpg?geometry(650x650)&v=2

  • m m
    I have white glass splashbacks and to me it looks clean, modern and not as flashy as mirror (though I do love mirror). It's very very easy to clean because it's a smooth surface. Don't rule it out if you like it! And if you're not considering selling anytime soon, it doesn't matter whether something is on trend or not...
  • bargainhunter
    I have a glass splash back and contrary to the comments perviously posted, I totally disagree it's hard to clean and shows every mark. I think a mirrored one would look awesome. It won't matter what you have, if your cooking splashes, it's going to go on whatever is there. Be it light dark, tile glass or otherwise.
  • colourgirl3
    Hi, I believe it you love it, you will clean it. I have glass, and don't like it, so I don't like cleaning it. White tiles will not date as much, possibly subway style. I think you could add coloured accessories, which are much cheaper to update. I would be suggesting a sky dome, to let more light in, then you could put whatever colours you want in, and the light level will be maintained. I would say at least a 40cm diameter. Good luck.
  • jmm1837
    I've spent years with tile splashbacks and now have a glass one. It doesn't get any dirtier than a tile one (same amount of gunk hits the wall) but it's easier to clean because of the lack of grout (ie I don't need a toothbrush to clean the glass properly, but I did for the grout). So, I don't get the arguments about the cleaning factor.

    And personally, I think glass is less likely to date than subway tiles. I would never go back to tile.
  • janaran
    Kiwikaryn, I've been considering clear glass as well. Curious though as I haven't come across any tile companies yet who do that. Any suggestions would be great.
  • annelinton
    I have just used dark mirror glass & just love it as it reflects the landscape outside & looks fab against the white cupboards and the colour of the stove.... you will not be sorry.
  • mykky48

    My pick is mirror glass, we had a kitchen done with a black mirror splash back and the reflections were amazing. Your family area will reflect in your case, small kids can easily be spotted if they're up to stuff they should not getting into!!! Cleaning glass is much easier than grotty grout, don't fret over 'trends' as they come and go but true style never dates.

  • Kms91

    We have a dark grey metallic splash back is its v easy to clean and looks awesome! I definitely never would do a tiled splashback, dont really know how a glass splashback would go out of date as its plainer than the look of tiles.

  • Michelle Lazarus
    I have a white kitchenwith stainless steel appliances and we went with a starfire white splashback, it is pure white and has no green tinge, works really well
  • Terri Turner

    Yes I agree with the majority. Glass splashback in a neutral tone will never outdate. You can then use any colour with your appliances and décor to set the theme and the colour can be changed in an instant, if you are over the colour. Glass splashback are so easy. The only thing I regret, is I chose a white with a hint of green. I hate the colour as once it was up it really was green. I wanted white but the chap told me to go for the other as it's not so vivid. I wish I had gone for the marble glass instead or white. To late she cried. Good luck. Do what u really want to do.

  • cazza_shorty

    Is the withe white glass splash back hard to cleas and does it show all the marks and grease splatters

  • olldroo

    Probably depends on how much grease splatters. It would be very easy to wipe down though but I think you would also have to ensure you dry it, otherwise you could get water marks.

  • sue franzmann
    Well kitchen bench is in, is the grains supposed to meet from top bench to overflow down side, I'm a bit disappointed because I thought that was what I was going to get. They just are a bit off , and don't meet. Why?...Now what colour splash back ?
  • girlguides
    I'd go a brighter colour of glass splashback - get some big colour samples - orange or red, or somewhere midway btw alabaster and linen as tho love green (got domain feature wall) it might look too heavy if too similar to linen with cupboards above and below lighter. I have Atlantic salt benches with purple (Vanessa Mae) splashback and everyone loves it cos picks up purplish tinge in stone
  • misslizzie21
    Thank you everyone, your thoughtful advice was very welcome. I'm attaching a photo as its all finished. I selected Olive Reserve for the splash back and painted the wall above it the same colour. As its a big room with lots of light and a large window it doesn't dominate. The glass is so easy to keep clean and I love the way it reflects the garden and light. Have to say though some people are stunned into silence when they see it, but as the cupboards and bench tops are quite bland I knew something bright was needed
  • nooz9ment

    It doesn't matter what any one thinks except you. You have accessorised it perfectly. Congratulations!

  • girlguides
    Beautiful green splashback - works really well glad you stuck to your guns and went bright
  • misslizzie21
    Thank you girl guides, yours sounds amazing!
  • olldroo

    My favourite colour - looks fabulous and I agree with your thoughts about bringing the outdoors in, especially when the outdoors is as beautiful as yours. Just don't overdo the orange too much or you will end up with 70s, I would keep to white, clear yellow and a deeper shade of green to keep a really fresh look.

  • craigduggan

    Wow, a colour I would have never thought of but it looks amazing.