Need help to design kitchen/dining/living in a semi with high ceiling

s d
5 years ago

This is the space that I am struggling to design for 2 people to live in well. Our home is a semi near the beach and is needing a refresh. The space is 4.5m wide with a 3m ceiling. Current flooring is polished floorboards. I like what I know of Hamptons style - and am keen to:

- include a breakfast bar of some sort - not sure it is feasible?

- include a faux gas heater in the space under the stairs

- should we have 2 different cabinet styles to delineate the space of kitchen/living?

- Where should I put the sink? unlike the drawing I am thinking of along the back (there will be a window there); with a dishwasher to the right of it i.e. on the end of the bench space at the rear.

- should we include cabinetry onto the deck ala the kitchen?

- windows will start at 2.5m up and extend into a skylight over the area as shown - keen to know if others have seen this type of thing before and if so, is there a view re cabinetry finish to use?

- would an extendable table make sense? with seating for 4 as the starter?

- how many down lights would this space need?

Any help would be great - this is my first attempt to do anything of this nature so I am keen to learn!

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