What colour timber flooring for my office?

September 28, 2015

I need help with decorating my new office. It is in a heritage listed building so I want to keep some character within.

So I have the following questions:

- What colour flooring? This is going to be sanded back and restained.

- What colour curtains? I am looking at roller blinds.

- What colour furniture? i.e. desk, credenza, couch, floor rug.

- Should I put a mantle over the fireplace even though it isn't working and we will not be using it ever?

Any other tips would be great.

The back wall in the first picture, is my wall of inspiration - where I will be getting quotes printed with a stick-on backing. There is going to be a large canvas put up over the fireplace.

The walls are a very soft green colour, and there is plenty of natural light coming into the room.

And yes, my son thinks the fireplace is an awesome hide-out.

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