ceiling color and paint type.

October 13, 2015
Hi, I am planning to paint my old timber ceiling white. I wasn't sure if I should paint it matte or low sheen or semi gloss. Usually ceilings are matte if it is plasterboard but I am not sure what to use for timber. Could you advice on what paint you used and also what colour white. Kind regards
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    Kim Woods

    Hi. Any woodwork should have some kind of sheen - it's a personal preference but I would suggest low sheen. White color here was either Dunn Edwards Whisper White, or Benjamin Moore White Dove. Best

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  • charmelee

    Hi Kim, thanks for the reply. Might be a silly question but should I use low sheen wall paint or semi gloss/ low sheen timber/woodwork paint? Kind regards.

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    Kim Woods

    any paint store should help you with the quality/type of paint to put on wood. i prefer the low sheen over semi gloss, esp for the ceilings