Lisa Bradley
November 10, 2015

need design ideasfor 70s style conservatory

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  • wuff
    Are you wanting to update one or are you wanting to build one onto an existing 70s style home.. I love conservatories, but I don't have one unfortunately
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  • chookchook2

    They are not good for hot climates. Are you in a cold climate?

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  • Lisa Bradley

    No, I have an existing one... in a funky 70s-style house but I don't know how to dress it to set it off.

  • LouieT

    Lisa if you post a photo you might get some help & look up photos on Houzz to start and idea book for reference ideas. Do any of these look similar?

    The Bridge House · More Info

    Residential Photography · More Info

    A french Country home Vaucluse · More Info

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  • macyjean

    I love that first one. Interestingly they call it an atrium not a conservatory. I thought atriums were internal and not necessarily roofed? Anyhow, as chookchook said, climate is important. Do you need ideas for shade? Does it get a lot of sun that will fade fabrics? It could be a great place for plants. Macrame hangers full of ferns? What do you use it for?

  • Lisa Bradley

    I like the first one also. Mine is similar but a lot older. It is a perfect space for a vintage couple of chairs and a table. A place to chat amongst lush plants, I think. And I found this great vintage wall chart from 100 per cent New Zealand (, which suits the space. Erstwhile in Australia ( does some similar charts. The retro-style maps are a real conversation starter.

  • fiona_ab
    That print is gorgeous. Have a look at they have great selection of modern fabric with high UV ratings, perfect for wooden or bamboo framed furniture. They will make the cushions for you if you need. I shall go and look for some options using your print as inspiration and report back.
  • fiona_ab
    Are any of these speaking to you?
  • fiona_ab
    Or these?
  • LouieT

    I'm loving the sound of vintage inspired wall charts & furniture. You could pick out some colours from the chart to start with & look in op shops or antique stores for furniture that you can refurbish.

    Do you have a picture of the space & the dimensions of the conservatory Lisa?

  • Lisa Bradley

    No, it's pretty unattractive at this stage... yet to clear the clutter. Love the prints too. Thanks for posting.