Lounge room and bedroom help

Pete Maunder
November 10, 2015

Just moved into my first house! Here is my lounge/family room.

A couple of questions I'd like opinions on, keeping in mind that I am a minimalist and I like modern/contempary looks but without them being industrial/cold.
Also the window is going to be replaced and the new window is a black frame.

The coffee table came with the couch, I will be replacing it as it looks too big for the room and makes it too much black. Any opinions on what would look good for a coffee table would be appreciated. I'm thinking a wooden circular one.

1. Which option for the TV - wall mount TV and a soundbar on the wall with no TV unit at all, or slim straight line TV unit, or get a corner unit (would hang in front of window), or get a custom corner unit made that has one longer side and one shorter side so it fits in.

Would a wall mount or straight line unit look odd given that I have a corner couch positioned where it is? Sort of like it's only facing 1/2 of the people on the couch.

2. Lamps/artwork/accessories/fake plants - something to make it not look so bland and dull! How I should add a bit of colour to brighten it up.

Same question with the bedroom - looks very dull and bland - how can I liven it up a bit?

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  • PRO

    Hi Pete,

    1. Given the tight-ish space, you're probably best off wall mounting the TV, and choosing a smaller but still rectangular clear glass topped coffee table as that will appear to take up no space at all.

    2. As to artworks, as you mention you're a minimalist who loves modern contemporary look, you may well like the look of our perspex artworks which you can check out in our online gallery: just the thing to go with a flat screen TV! Have a look for pieces that feature your favourite colours as a starting point. Our spectrum collection makes a great impact but there are many to choose from:

    We also offer more affordable canvases, a 60 x 180cm 'panoramic' canvas would be perfect above your bed. Go for more restful colours: here's some ideas within the 'balance' collection:

  • Sian Sampey
    If you wall mount the tv on a movable bracket you can angle it when you have ppl over so everyone can see better.
    With the small space you have I would personally do away with the coffee table & rug all together to make the space feel more open. You could get one of those side tables instead that come up & over the side of the lounge. Corner units are a bit old fashioned so I'd just go for a nice straight lowline & you can decorate that (small pot plant/ vase etc).

    Use a throw to cozy up the space & if you like curtains hang some from ceiling to floor the whole length of the wall where the window is to make it look bigger.

    I think the space will come up lovely!
    If you definitely want a coffee table I think either a round wooden one would work, or a glass one as previously suggested.
  • Sian Sampey
    This is what I meant by over the arm side tables.
  • Bernadette Brandes
    Unusual shape of room....less furniture is a tip. Corner cabinet affair for your tv or up on the biggest wall. Ditch coffee table, lounge to face window with a couple of single comfy chairs and maybe some wall art. Done! ( paint room white).
  • me me

    I would get a colorful doona cover, and then a large canvas with similar colours to the doona cover

  • KK1000
    There is not enough height in the bed head so it looks a bit funny. You could add this IKEA design it's a similar colour to your bed and invest in good quality bed linen and a bed can get bed covers at IKEA as well but not bed linen not the best quality.