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Really need some help to decide with my SPLASHBACK

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

So I had my heart set on a white glass (starphire) splashback...but have been told by a few friends to get mirror splashback instead as it looks more modern???

My kitchen will be a white glossy Polyurethane kitchen with no handles and will be ultra modern looking. If i do get mirror , the mirror will be reflecting the open plan living/lounge room area.

I will also have a white glass fridge with a white glass sliding door to walk into the walk in pantry...so maybe the white glass splash back might be too much??

PS - The mirror splashback is proper commercial grade, so it won't smear or get dirty like normal mirror and can be used in front of gas cooktops ;)

What are your thoughts? Would love some feedback....thank you :)

Here are some example photos I found with mirror splashback and white mirror splashback....PLEASE HELP ME OUT.....Cheers :)


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