Exterior Paint Colours on Rendered House - Advice

4 years ago


we need some advice on painting our house cement render, but we have some
existing colours that are non-changeable due to being recently installed. The
three colours we cant change and have to work with are

Our Fence is Bushland (colorbond); - recently installed
Our Pergola is Classic cream (colorbond) - recently installed
Window frames are vivid white enamel.

Roof, Fascia, Gutters are all
Ironstone blue. These can be changed down the track but not now including
possibly moving from a tiled roof to tin - but feel free to advise what colour you think they should be as part of a overall house colour scheme.

Downpipes will be painted to match.

The house is currently a cream
like colour, and seems to match well with the pergola. My wife was thinking of
painting the house the same classic cream as the pergola for a consistent look
in the back patio area. Cream does sound a little boring to me, but we paid for and installed the patio in classic cream, whilst it was still a rental and didnt think too much about a future overall colour scheme.

However, her thoughts are that this is too much monotone to have all the render
one colour and would like a colour that will go with the fence and be used for
a feature wall and all our retaining walls (inc pool) around the property. (A third
colour, darker than the cream, but lighter than the bushland).

Her initial thoughts were colorbond Evening Haze. She initially liked oyster linen, but thinks that the evening haze
is a better fit.Any comments strongly worded or otherwise, any advice is appreciated.


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