Building our first home - would like feedback on the floorplan

Hello! After many months of deliberation, my husband and I are almost ready to sign with a project builder. As you can see, we've made a LOT of modifications to their original floor plan to try and make the most of light and without changing their original design completely (we have a south facing block, with an ever so slight angle towards the east).

Things to consider:

  1. House is 11.7m wide, and will sit on a 13.5m wide block (to give you an idea of size, bedrooms 3 and 4 are 3.8m x 3m)
  2. The driveway needs to be on the right (the council has already provisioned for it)
  3. We aren't sure what to do with the Ensuite - would love some ideas there (we aren't even sure if what we've requested is feasible, given the space). Wherever possible we don't want to reduce the size of the WIR. We'd also love suggestions on how to maximise the storage space in the WIR, esp since..
  4. We're considering getting the wardrobe, storage and WIP shelving done afterwards - suggestions welcome.
  5. Introduction of the WIP behind the kitchen means we'll need to come up with the best way to use that awesome new space: 3.71m x 1.31m. (I'm thinking we need additional bench space, as well as storage - suggestions welcome).

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