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Landscaping advice for new garden beds - Mornington Peninsula

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago


I need some help/advice on planting a new garden in Dromana
o the Mornington Peninsula. We want to include plants that are going to add
colour, are low maintenance, drought tolerant and kid friendly.

The property faces northwest.

We have set the garden beds up (typically 500-600mm wide) and
are looking at planting them out. We have the following beds that need plants:

Front Yard:

  • Side Fences ,
  • Window under front bedroom, and
  • Small central rock garden (half circle of 1.5m radius)

Back yard:

  • Rear and side fences
  • Western side fence (400mm wide in places).

At this stage we are open minded but are considering natives
to the front. At the rear we are considering to plant lillypillies
(orange twist) to the rear, eastern side and part western side (elevated section
only) to block out neighbours but would consider other screening solutions (up
to 2-2.5m high).

We need some advice please to make it look cohesive!!!

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