PLEASE HELP ME OUT - Above sink OR undermount sink??

Italian Girl
January 22, 2016
last modified: January 22, 2016

Hi....I need some serious help here.

Having a gorgeous white modern handleless white kitchen with white Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo bench tops...

I want 2 large sink bowls - the same size but don't know if I should go Undermount - Evryone says this is the way to go because it will look gorgeous but I really like the idea of having the stainless steel look above like in this photo...but I will have white stone instead of black........

WHAT DO U THINK?? Look at other photos of undermount and above...What is nicer??

I know more chance of cracking the stone with undermount and also breaking plates, etc....But I just want opinions on what looks nicer. My sink will be facing a servery window facing the outdoor area



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