Marble island and splashback dilemma

February 3, 2016
We have an arabescato vagli island and need a splashback. I want it to be easy to clean as the induction stovetop will be next to it. We have enough marble left over for the splashback but I'm worried it will look too busy. I would prefer a white glossy rectangular tile but am worried about keeping the grout clean. Thoughts?

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  • Miki
    I see what you mean. Thanks for that.
  • georgi02

    Personally, I'd avoid the marble splashback as marble can stain. If you're keen to go with white tiles and are worried about the grout, look into epoxy ground which much easier to clean (it may cost you upto an extra $50-80/sqm as it's more difficult for your tiler to work with) but worth it - we did it in the bathroom. Otherwise, at the back of the stove you could always do a white glass or stainless steel splashback and use tiles on the rest of the splashback area that's not going to be subjected to as many splashes.

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  • Gioenne Rapisarda

    I totally agree with what the others have said about it being too busy, and a solid glass splashback eases any worries about cleaning/grout! These can be printed with any colour you want on the back, so you could do light to match your cupboards or dark to pick up on the darker tones in the marble. Can't wait to see what it looks like whichever option you choose!

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  • PRO
    Brilliant Design Concepts

    My preference would be to use the marble as the splash back. The continuity of the marble will create , rhythm and balance to connect the space. I agree that natural stone does patina with use but it has also has an organic beauty that stands the test of time..

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  • haephestus

    I'd use the left-over marble. While it does have strong veins, the rest of the kitchen being white should prevent the marble from being too domineering in the space.

    Alternatively, I'd probably go with a glass splashback, either in white or a grey which matches the veins in the marble. I'm having trouble picturing the subway tiles and the marble together because in my mind the "pattern" and texture of the subway tiles could "clash" with the marble.

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  • Miki

    Good points haephestus. I thought using white grout would diminish the pattern of the tile and you would just see a shiny, white finish. I am leaning towards the marble again. Here are the photos of the remnants.

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  • d m

    I think use the marble as a slash back as well it looks amazing and very on trend. Devine

  • PRO
    VSL Joinery

    A glass splashback would look great.

    A client of ours used the off cut of marble from her splashback as a benchtop for her wine bar/kitchenette in another room.

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    Kitchens · More Info

  • PRO
    Eclectic Interior Design
    The marble is quite busy and I think a white subway would look great. You only need one feature in the room. If the house is more contemporary then a glass/mirror splashback would be a good choice also. Use the left over marble elsewhere.
  • PRO
    Twinkle and Whistle

    I would definitely let the island "shine" by steering away frim marble on the splashback. White glass is a grout-free, easy to maintain alternative to tiles. Your marble being fairly "dark" (for marble, that is), so I'd keep the splashback white for a soothing effect. Texture and colours can be further added with decorative elements (storage baskets, chopping board, fruit bowl etc.) The lool will be elegant and timeless. Let us know what you end up doing! :)

  • PRO
    Alix Helps Interiors

    Given that the grain in the marble is so dark, I would advise restraint here and would suggest allowing the island to be the hero. You already have the same marble as your bench top over there, so doing splash back as well may be over kill. Go for a simple glass splash back in a shade of grey from the marble. This will also make your kitchen accessories pop. There is plenty of white in your cabinetry for the eye to rest. Love to see a pic of what you go with. :)

  • katdimitriadi
    Mirrored or tiles with glass overlay
  • Jen James

    Your marble is extremely busy...I would just put in white glass to keep it clean!!

  • Angela Ris

    The marble you've used has a busier pattern than some. I would recommend a shiny white porcelain tile for your splash back. I currently have large tiles as my splash back with white grout. Been here for 4 years now and the grout is very bright and clean til this day. Hope that helps!

  • wedgelee

    I think it will depend on what type of lighting you are putting over the freestanding bench area. Too much marble may overpower the whole kitchen but with the right lights to balance it out, it could look really effective...

  • lettiepayne

    have you considered a mirrored splashback?

  • Joanna Kouskousis
    Let me send you a pic tomorrow! I'm
    Installing my marble Splashback!
  • Deb Xuereb
    I'd avoid any tile as a splash back. I think subway tiles in particular would be too busy with the marble. I think your off cut marble would be fine but my personal preference would definitely be a glass splash back in strong white. No texture or pattern to "fight" with the marble. The smooth glass splash back would then complement and highlight the truly beautiful marble, and the marble would be the feature, taking the eye.
  • bargainhunter
    Your marble is very busy so I wouldn't do a splash back as well. I agree that a glass splash back would be nice. Perhaps in a grey shade pulled from the marble grain
  • meryllarsen
    My friend has a marble bench top and splash back, it looks amazing! But has plain cupboards.
  • A P

    such beautiful marble - we are going through similar dilemma but budget has made our decision that we can't do the splashback ,, just the island with marble .Glass with a hint of grey will look nice or mirrored glass so it will reflect the beautiful island.

  • Miki

    I can't wait to see your kitchen, Joanna!

  • vickimpond
    What a gorgeous kitchen! We have used a textured tile for our backsplash and have also used a white grout. We will use a protective coating like Enduro Shield to prevent any issues with staining & cleaning. Perhaps you might consider this also. Good Luck!
  • PRO
    Reclaim your space

    I agree the subway tiles would be too busy and detract from the marble, but you could get a large format white tile that would look less busy and less grout. Or a marble effect tile with less veins or a lighter vein.

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  • Gioenne Rapisarda

    Wow Joanna, looks great! Have you sealed the marble with anything to ensure it doesn't stain?

  • Joanna Kouskousis

    All sealed by my stone mason!

  • PRO
    3 Pea's Property Styling

    Hi Miki, I think your new kitchen is coming together beautifully and I also love your marble bench tops. Another option to consider for your splash back is pressed metal panels which can provide the texture, without the grout issue. It is easily cleaned with a quick wipe down, and can be powder coated to whatever colour you choose, or left in it's raw state. With various pattern options available, you are bound to find something to your taste. I hope this helps! All the best. Jo

  • Miki
    We have decided to go with the marble splashback as I really love the piece we have. I won't be able to post photos for a while as the island is being protected from tradies while the rest of the build continues. Thanks for all your input! (BTW, I had no idea that this would be posted on Facebook >180 comments, a bit overwhelming! Something to keep in mind if posting)
  • PRO
    Jamesjames Design

    Great choice, your kitchen will be so elegant.

  • PRO
    Kitchen FX

    The marble splashback would give it a more featured look without adding to much to the kitchen. Adding something new might already be to overwhelming with the detailed tops.

    Good choice with keeping the marble splashback!

  • Emma
    I'm glad you chose the marble you've got, Miki - as per KitchenFX's comment and Joanna's gorgeous photos, my opinion is that the marble makes the scheme less busy as the eye only has to appreciate one feature material rather than adjust to different materials (no matter how neutral). Plus you save as you've already paid for the slab, probably. I'd love to see photos when it's complete!
  • PRO
    Projectile Ltd

    Good to use a grout sealer when tiled and grouted to keep grout looking good. :-)

  • how2girl
    Mirrored splash back, no grout lines to soak up residues & extends your space visually.
  • Miki
    Moved in and love the result!
  • Deb Xuereb
    Well done! Looks beautiful.
  • Kate P

    What flooring have you used Miki? Looks lovely!

  • cloudpants
    Stunning. Great choice!
  • Miki
    Recycled jarrah in satin finish
  • Tilly
    Love your choices so far, I do think that the marble looks awesome but any more will be too much.
    I would now use a glass splash back based on one of the grey colours taken from the marble.
    You could get them to come to your house with all the samples, that way you won't make a mistake.
  • a_scholten

    Have you considered having marble printed onto glass. Glass is a clean easy surface to clean and can be printed with any texture, image or pattern you like.

  • ecl24
    Gorgeous marble. Love it. I wouldn't do subway tiles, too busy and too much grout. I did large gloss white tiles with white grout and it's not hard to clean if you keep it clean as you go along. Which you will do because it's white and shiny and new! I love mine as it doesn't detract at all from my bench top. The marble could be amazeballs but I'd have the same concerns re too much pattern...Good luck and post a pic when you're done!
  • ecl24
    LOL, only just caught up. Looks fantastic.
  • PRO
    Sun Renovation

    looks good ,I just fee little heavy about the island .the stone about 40 mm or more thick ?

  • PRO
    Sun Renovation

    I have see one of glass splash back broken , mass around the kitchen . it s not safety for the kitchen when you just nocked it with in frequency range. may be just one touch , the safety class will became all small pieces .they about $400 /M to install , reinstall will be coast more . marble is the bast , no heat or compact will effect it. cleaning easy. you can use 10 mm thick if valuable .

  • KK1000
    Just use the marble it will look beautiful, people would "kill "for that look.
  • margomelb
    A mirrored glass splashback would look great, easy to clean.
  • Tilly
    Agree with cloudpants. I have a black kitchen with the white marble island and I also used the marble as a splash back.
    I like it and it’s easy to clean