window covering options for large glass sliding doors

February 24, 2013
We have a large glass sliding door that leads into our backyard. At present it has vertical blinds on it that need replacing. The verticals are good because you can angle them for privacy (This room is overlooked by house behind) and they can be pulled back to allow acces to sliding door - which we only use when entertaining outside, as there is an alternative route into the backyard. I am concerned that verticals are a bit 80s and wonder if anyone has any other suggestions that would achieve some privacy during day and complete privacy when closed at night? Thankyou

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    JMittman Designs
    If you have had your verticals a long time, yes, they probably are very dated. There are newer options for verticals that are much nicer today. Do you like the look of verticals? What is your style? Traditional or contemporary? You could also go with ripplefold sheers, easy application for sliding doors.
  • mainstreetschool
    I got bamboo panels that slide across to stack on top of each other when you need it opened. I got them from Penny's several years ago. They came in 3colors to match bamboo shades. They hang flat to the sliders.
  • feeny
    One interesting option for a modern aesthetic:
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  • Susan Clark

    Large glass doors will be a major heat leaker... depending on your aspect and the time of the year, leaking heat into the house or out of it. Nothing better than triple block curtains with pelmets (with a top), that go all the way to the floor and extend past the window. Not quite as good thermally but better for adjusting light into the room while maintaining privacy are timber (not plastic) shutters, fitted inside the frame of the window, and again down to the floor... so that the entire window pane is covered when the shutters are closed. The latter would probably best suit your needs, unless your house swings between freezing cold and blisteringly hot.

  • Susan Clark

    Of course you could screen from outside, and there are plenty of awnings that allow partial light through, that could be installed vertically. But thermally, they're of very little use (but then neither are vertical blinds).