Curtains or blinds?

March 9, 2016
last modified: August 30, 2018

We've just moved into our new place and we are yet to put up window coverings. We started looking at blinds, but when it got to choosing colours/textures we started shivering... We love our new renovations, but I don't want to ruin the look of it all by choosing the wrong coloured blinds! Please help! PS. If you think curtains/venetians/verticals/etc would be better I'd appreciate your ideas Thanks!:) Top to Bottom: Lounge, kitchen, bedrooom

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  • jmm1837

    Our last house had roller blinds - the sunblock type in the living areas, the blockout in the bedrooms - plus panel vertical blinds (in matching fabric) leading onto the deck. They were the same colour as the window frames (black) so simply seemed to disappear when up. Our current house has blinds again - sunblock blinds in all rooms to match the frames (which happen to be a sort of brown) plus double blinds in the bedrooms (brown sunblock, off white blockout to match the walls). To me, it looks clean, neat, and unfussy, so I'm quite happy with simple roller blinds. Our house is very modern, so wood shutters would have looked out of place; yours is more traditional, so I think you have a lot of options depending on your taste.

  • Crystal Gui

    I'd say blinds. They are neat and tidy and especially when you have a window by the sink, you don't wanna have curtains flapping in your face while you are doing the dishes.

  • denisreno

    Looks like a lounge room, kitchen and is the third one a bathroom or laundry? If it's a laundry you don't really NEED anything there. For the loungeroom I would do venetians and some fairly sheer coloured curtains. Thie would give you light (curtains) and the venetians would give you privacy. For the kitchen I would look at blinds that are just on the bottom half of the window - I think there are some that actually go up from the window sill. I think Luxaflex may have soemthing like that - not sure. I'd get them to go halfway up so you still have the light coming in but you have privacy from your neighbours. I hope that helps.

  • ingridsm

    Roller blinds pulled down will flap in the breeze. You may want to let air in so I would go with wooden wide slat venetians which you can tilt accordingly

  • hazsco Scott
    If the budget can stretch, I'd have white plantation shutters all the way.
  • jdublya

    I'm all for curtains in the bedroom. They're silent if you have the window open for a breeze, whereas blinds can be annoying with tick-clunk-tick sounds. Some anyway, probably not all. There's something dreamy for me about lying in bed watching the curtains catching a breeze. I also like the way curtains soften the hard lines of a window. That said, there are some fantastic blinds around these days. I would definitely go for a blind in the kitchen. I have lightweight fabric louvres
    that hang between two sheets of sheer fabric - I have the option to get it completely out of the way up into it's cassette/box/thingy to let maximum light in; and when it's down I can focus light either up or down with the louvre function - there's nothing worse than squinting into the brightness when working at the sink.

  • Jasmine Johnson

    In your lounge room, to make the room appear larger, I would put up "S" Track curtains from the ceiling to floor and wall to wall. With a block out roller blind on window to keep out hot summer sun. Depending on your decor either nice plain off white heavy sheer fabric or a soft pattern. When drawn open during the day it makes the window appear much larger and very elegant.. The kitchen I'd put up those sheer blinds that have a built in Venetian look. Simply because I'd imagine the glare off the neighbours roof would be strong, this way you can control the light yet still see out.

    in your bedroom I'd do similar to the lounge room. Good luck.

  • Simon Matthews

    I think Shutters would look greta

  • Megan Everett

    Shutters look great but do they end up as dust traps with all those slats? I'm over venetians for that reason.

  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    You can buy special venetians dusters with little fingers that get between the slats, or close them, dust then close the other way and dust again. Can use the vacuum.

  • KK1000
    Shutters have same problem as Venetians,hard to clean no meter what people say, it's time consuming I am getting rid of everything with horizontal surface that accumulates dust. Save yourself time get blinds.
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    I hope your partner has a pointy head and no belly! ;)

  • scottevie

    Shutters would look great but might be a bit pricey for the size windows pictured (when we purchased approx $350 per square metre). I choose them over fabric blinds because I found fabric options overwhelming and also didn't want to be locked into a certain colour. My white shutters do show sticky fingers but so would white or light coloured blinds and are a lot simpler to wipe clean. Yes, they get dusty but I would argue that curtains and blinds also get dusty it just isn't as obvious. With allergy/asthma sufferers in the family I would prefer to be able to regularly wipe or vacuum the dust away. I've also lived with venetians and the shutters are easier to clean.

  • Simon Matthews

    Shutters are worth the cleaning for the wow factor you get . No other product gives you that look and they are far easier to clean that Venetians . I sell shutters for a living and i had venetians and replaced them with shutters and they look fabulous and are very easy to clean . Unlike my grandmothers curtains , what a pain to clean

  • josephine

    honeycomb blinds - they look good, let light through but insulate almost as well as double glazing ...

  • Simon Matthews

    Honey comb are a pain in the back side to clean in the honeycomb space , especially the older they get and the more dust goes inside them .

  • wuff
    Your have really beautiful windows, in the living rooms I like the idea of the ceiling to floor sheers, in the bedroom sheers and a block out curtain, I am with whoever said if you have the Windows open in the bedroom don't use blinds as they rattle too much in the breeze. Shutters are beautiful but they may box out too much of your lovely window frames. Hard decision as such a big expense..good lunch with you decision ..I am also with no window treatment in kitchen if it isn't needed. If needed a simple roller blind the best idea as already said.
  • wuff
    Ps, plant some tall plants or put up a privacy screen in the garden to block out the neighbours rather than having window treatments closed all the time...let in the daylight
  • PRO
    Macarthur Floors and Blinds

    Budget needs to be considered as well. Vertical blinds are always a good "go to" blind.

  • Simon Matthews

    Do people still do Verticals ???

  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    Not great for resale.

  • Simon Matthews

    Rubbish bin material LOL

  • PRO
    Macarthur Floors and Blinds

    Sure why not. There's a large range of material and colours to choose from.

  • millie2112

    shutters would be great if you can afford them. They will be expensive for your large window. I have just replaced my really old roman blinds in the family room with roller blinds and i love them. they are so easy to use. I got the blinds slightly textured and they are a really light colour. if you go too dark then at night when they are down they will be too dark. So you need to think about that. Mine are block out too so I do not see the lights from the house behind us.

  • PRO
    Zone Interiors

    Hey Footi, you have such beautiful big windows! Have you considered roller blinds? It would mean your windows would be kept open and free, yet the blinds will block out any light easily for you like below.

    Beautiful look - we think it would compliment your room perfectly.

    Omni Roller Blinds Installation · More Info
  • Simon Matthews

    Looks like a sheet , Yukkkkkkk

  • Double D

    I agree very bland, looks like a projector screen, sorry zone interiors

  • how2girl
    Side panels would improve the look of that roller blind.
  • Simon Matthews

    Nothing improves the look of them . They should have stayed in offices where they belong . Vertical drapes started in offices and now look how many are in homes . At least they look a little more interesting .

  • how2girl
    Oh, ok, if you say so
  • KK1000
    This one looks particularly bad, there is lots of them with pattern , colour and texture, it just takes a bit of time to go around and have a look, no pain no gain.
  • killen

    Footi, just wondering what kind of window treatment you decided to go with? I have similar windows to yours and am trying to decide what would give maximum light control & privacy.

  • LesleyH
    The cleaning of venetians are horrendous unless they are very wide.
  • Simon Matthews

    I agree with Simon on this one guys . If you really want to make a statement and create the very best look for your home get shutters . They are no longer out of reach for the average person and they will outlast any other product you can put there . Increase the value of your home and give you that wow factor . Roller blinds boaring , verticals are just horrible , venetians a pain in the ass to clean , romans now almost as much as shutters , honey comb blinds ? Do they still sell that crap ? Next thing someone will mention those horrible matchstick blinds . Hahahahahaha

  • jlouise31
    Have had shutters for around 8 years, no problem with cleaning,very easy,and they look great
  • Rach P
    I love the shutters we had installed on our bay window - very easy to clean and they fit the window perfectly, but they don't let in as much light as roller blinds.

    I have dual roller blinds (1xsheer & 1x block out blind) through the rest of our house and love them since they let in so much more light and I can still have privacy from the neighbours when we need it.

    I would not recommend venetian (terrible to clean) or horizontal (so dated /horrible 80s). Curtains are an option but they often block more light and can make a room feel smaller. Just my opinion though
  • KK1000

    @RachP can please tell me what color shèer roĺer blind did you get. I have this dilemma for a while. I know the best view is through black but I can't even think about it because at night it would be just a big black window I don't need it for privacy just as a sun block during the day. Thanks.

  • Rach P
    We have white sheer and block out roller blinds since we have white walls and window frames. I'm also happy with the double roller mechanism as the blinds sit closer to the window than the usual L-shaped dual blind holders - pictures attached.
    Footi thanked Rach P
  • Footi

    Thank you everyone for your help! We finally got our curtains mid last year. It was such a difficult decision choosing the fabric and colour, but once they were installed it felt like we'd had them all along :)

    We ended up choosing a mixture of curtains, blinds and romans to suit the style of each room. Could've gone with either roller or romans upstairs, but we decided to go romans just because we wanted more insulation.What do you guys think?:)

  • Fiona Anastasia Whitefoot
    If you want to go classic, probably Roman blinds. If you want to go a bit modern, go with cream vertical blinds.
  • KK1000
    Usually I don't like curtains but yours look nice and doesn't drag on the floor, may I ask who did your blinds etc. I am so indecisive , have been changing my mind for the last 2 years.
  • Footi

    We got them done by Wall T Wall in Nunawading, Melbourne. I highly recommend them!

  • Crissy
    what ever you choose, do not go for verticals.
  • JaneH
    that looks awesome Footi.... we are pondering curtsin coverings at the moment and i really like how you considered the personality of each room. .. i will think like that for our place :)
  • Curtainmaster839 Topsi

    They all look great

  • 94236633
    Lovely and full, how drapes should be.
  • LesleyH
    March 2016 post. Wonder what they did?
  • Jessica Drysdale
    Lesley H they have included what they did in the comments
  • celerygirl

    old post

  • aussie131

    I am a big fan for plantation shutters you will be excited you did! You will make your money back & ease of re sale as people want them .Otherwise... If not With your kitchen get a professional in and get a tint on your window you can see out but they cannot see in until night then a simple blind will suffice. Lounge rm attach to ceiling!!.. to floor sheer curtains with a good colour curtain behind going the whole width of the wall.. bedroom a Roman blind... take advantage of your floor boards and do it properly the first time and save money!