Conservatory help...

March 27, 2016

Okay, this is our conservatory with horrid-coloured floating floor..we really don't like it and it is now right next to lovely hardwood blackbutt flooring (where the rug is) and a brand new kitchen and all the yellow/orange timber shelf in the middle has also gone (to be replaced with jarrah). The previous owners furniture is in this pic. I can't take a photo now because it is covered with dust and kitchen packaging and appliances...the structure is very creamy and those fabric 'sails' are also cream but can be changed.

We also really don't like the chandeliers. We have just purchased the light below (x2) because it is the only one we found that we both liked (and it was half price).

This will really change the 'feel' in this room. Now we need to decide on new flooring and wall colours (possibly all done in totally the wrong order!). The floors are really confusing me. I want to have heaps of plants in there so would prefer tiles. I'd like the kind of look as below:

A conservatory for plants and people · More Info

French Country Estate · More Info
Both of these photos have light/cream/sandstone sort of tiles. I love the French pattern. My partner is worried that it will look "washed out" because of all the light in there. I think that we don't want a feature floor as we have already done that with the blackbutt. So, will these sorts of tiles look good? Should we go dark grey? I have some other images in my Conservatory confused...

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