Mirror frame for dining room

March 27, 2016
I am looking at getting a large mirror, (2.2 length x 1.2 width) for my dining room feature wall. I have 3 frame options and I need help with choosing the right one. It's the dark feature wall as seen in the photo. The patterned frame is a pewter colour, one of the plain frames are a silver and the other is gold/silver.

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  • PRO
    Vanessa Wood Interiors

    Hi! I would definitely suggest you go for the first, more ornate option. It will be juxtapose to the more streamlined furnishings. It also appears to have a slight touch of both finishes in terms of colour, adding more interest and drama!

  • Joanne Fosdike
    I agree with Vanessa - loving the first option.
  • KK1000
    For that size I would use 2nd silver , it would look great on your wall and ties in with the floor tiles and adds a bit of luxury to the room.
  • KK1000
    You called it pewter, that's the one I meant.
  • millersx4
    The second frame adds character to an otherwise plain streamlined room. Also matches nicely with vase on the sideboard too.
  • meldapasaoglu
    Thank you all for the great advice and opinions! Just to be sure, are we all talking about this frame as the pictures may have uploaded in different order on the app.
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    I would go with the plain champagne gold one. It will give you more options later if you want to vary your decor, can be moved to another room etc, and go with alot more furniture. it's also a much more current style and colour. You can put some lovely champagne gold accessories in the room, like a vase and bowl.

  • Vy

    I'm not a fan of ornate stuff but in this instance I agree with Vanessa..that frame would just add the wow factor to your dining room..

  • LouieT

    Agree with the ornate frame which will add more interest than the plain frames. The other two don't seem like they will add any personality to the setting at all.