Really really really need help!

Ok so as the subject says, I REALLY need help because we are seriously stuck!! We’re building our kitchen and I thought we knew what we wanted, but when we left the cabinet designer yesterday I was feeling totally confused and stressed about colour choices....

We were supposed to have picked the kitchen bench top (caesarstone) and the cabinet colours there, as well as the bathroom vanities but I’ve asked for more time.

The colours I am ultimately aiming for are earthy tones (browns and creams) because I think we’ll paint the walls a nice very light brown -- but should I go light countertops and darker cabinets underneath or the other way around? And then I was thinking lighter brown wall cabinets..? And then I have to think about a splash back... arghhh just totally confused.

Any help at all would be most sincerely appreciated!! Even just an opinion. To give you an idea of the kitchen plan, I’ve attached a similar design below, except our floor will be large glossy creamy tiles.

Thank you!!

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