Bedroom Reno Challenge

5 years ago
Sooo, I am embarking on a makeover for my bedroom, pretty straight forward you may think, even with the issues that a 100 plus year old house throws at you, prepare the woodwork, paint, rip up carpet, polish floorboards.
The problem actually has nothing to do with the work required and is one entirely of my own making. Somehow and I'm not sure how, I have become a person who lets the dogs sleep on the bed. There's two of them, neither are very big, but they do know how to make themselves comfortable! For the duration I'm sleeping in a single bed, with no doubt, the dogs.
Where you, my fellow Houzzers, come in is to help me stay focussed on the task at hand, offer support and advice, so I can be back in my own spacious bed in to time.

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