What pretty trees should I buy?

Astri Merianti
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

The front garden in our just-moved-in house is pretty bland.
They are just grass (with weeds)
I would like to pretty things up by planting some trees, maybe 3-4 just along the road line.

Along the fence line, I'm planning to put gate house (with arbour) in the middle, going straight to the front door, and picket fences plus some hedges on either sides. White iceberg roses under the window line.

Any ideas for trees that is suitable for Canberra harsh climate?
I would love to have deciduous trees with pretty blooming flowers in spring but also beautiful colour in autumn.

At the moment I'm thinking ornamental pears but not sure yet.

Also suggestions on fast growing hedges would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone :)

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