Kitchen counter / island bench layout - your thoughts please

4 years ago

We're about to start building our kitchen and I wanted to see what folks thought of our kitchen counter layout - particularly the kitchen island size and position.

Unfortunately the rear of the counter (at the top) cannot be moved, as this part of the counter I am intending to merge with the round post you can see in the top right corner (the post goes from the floor to the ceiling - it helps support the second floor).

Furthermore the other counters you can see against the walls cannot be changed as their counters have already been built.

So that leaves us with the island's size that can change, if needed. We can make it bigger/ smaller/longer/shorter. No limitation as we are constructing it out of wood. Any suggestions? Would it be better to make the counter even wider than 4' and cut down on some of that 5'10" of clearance? Or is that clearance quite good as it is? What about other clearances?

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