Tell us - what is your dream home?

Luke Buckle
July 4, 2016

It's always fun and exciting to think about your dream home. If you could set all limits aside, and build it as big as you want it, wherever you want it to be... where does your imagination take you?

Someday, you might be living in your dream home.

Pick one option below - or invent your own. We're dreaming, so there are no limits.

French Castle Chateau d'Reves Eclectic Manor House · More Info

Penthouse in the city
Cottage in the countryside
Mansion in the countryside
CIty flat
Suburban house
Other (insert a photo in the comments!)

Comments (4)

  • PRO
    Colour Confidence Interiors

    Contemporary house by the beach with tall ceilings, lots of glass and wide verandas.

    Oh, and a pool.

  • oklouise

    mid century style on a big block of land in a city

  • wuff
    French provincial cottage in the inner city, near cafe strip with a small garden .. Pretty garden, house and furniture
  • PRO
    Civic Steel Homes

    Modern contemporary architecture that is well designed specifically for the given site.

    Pelican Waters · More Info