How to modernise external brick arches.

Vanessa Baxter
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

This is our house. We are looking to sink a bit of money into modernising the facade. Probably weatherboard to go back to the Queenslander look, also add a new roof and possibly change suffeats to fascias, by changing the pitch of the roof.

Any ideas to modernise the house are greatly appreciated. If going with the weatherboard/colourbond style, I understand we'd need to add some levels of depth to the place, including removing the brick arches and putting some of those little awnings on the windows. Also looking to incorporate building in underneath - so whether we have a little recessed patio underneath and keep the arches as a little entranceway, or square them off entirely and make the house front door in the middle arch then build a little portico out the front of this and square off the arches to add windows to them for two bedrooms, still tossing up ideas.

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