Ivory/cream cabinets colour scheme dilemma

4 years ago

Hi, my partner recently picked up a huge second hand jag country style kitchen for free and we are currently installing it in our house. I have spent the last few weeks stressing over colours for the walls and ceilings that will match the cabinets. What i want is grey walls and grey subway backsplash tiles. We want to do timber bench tops and floor and it is an open plan living area with a red couch (not bright red but not super dark). I think it is going to work. My dilemma is with the contrast of white ceiling and cornice making the cabinets look yellow under certain lights. The cabinets also have their own cornice so there is not much of a gap between the cabinets and ceiling.

What colour would you suggest the ceiling be painted? I have always done stark white but am thinking i should go with something warmer so the cabinets don't contrast too much. I am worried the ceiling will look off if i do it a similar colour to cabinets. Any experiences or advice very very welcome??? I will post a pic of what i want with the tiles. Thanks

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