Bedroom artwork – yay or nay?

July 18, 2016
last modified: August 23, 2018

Hi, I would like some ideas on what artwork and/or wall hanging (if any) I should have above my bedhead. No mirrors please as it's bad feng shui. My husband prefers personal touches but I don't like the idea of having family portraits on our bedroom wall. He also reckons the bedhead should be the focus but I find that the walls are too bare. I have a warm colour theme with reds and oranges. Thanks!

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  • asquithoatley

    I think art above the bed will look great- just search for bedrooms and art in houzz.

    Duckhorn Pass · More Info

    Toorak Residence · More Info

    TEMPLESTOWE · More Info

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  • Fiona Anastasia Whitefoot
    I can't help but think LARGE LANDSCAPES!
  • PRO
    My Home Stylist

    I personally have a pet hate about art above the bed - I just can't understand why everything intesting has to be on a single elevation.

    Why not try hanging your art on another wall and pimp this aspect by styling the bed with 50 x 50 Euro pillows and buying some tall statement lamps? :-)

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  • Toni Lisa Gates

    My home stylist. That was exactly what I thought euro pillows to give the bedhead more hight. You could even do a nice colour on that wall and add lighting from behind your bedhead to give the room a beautiful ambiance.

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  • PRO
    Stallard Interiors

    Wallpaper is a good option,?especially if you are spooked by the thought of framed art falling on you in the middle of the night !!

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  • cecblake

    What is a good colour and pattern for wallpaper Stallard Interiors? Sounds like a big job! We've never wall papered. Is it easier to paint a feature wall instead?

  • decodilema
    Your artwork should be slightly smaller than the width of the bed. Have you thought about hanging 3 pieces, not necessarily in a line - different sizes. Maybe 2 large and something smaller in an eclectic configuration.... Or a shelf over the bed with a varing aray of artwork.
    Just make sure the art brings a smile to your face.
    Good luck.
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  • lizbeverley
    Not above the bed but everywhere else in the room! Art from a holiday or favourite artist.
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  • Vidhisha Chaturvedi

    I would recommend an artwork that brings positivity and peace to the bedroom - a place for relaxation! Something that relaxes your eyes ..Maybe a painting of the Buddha ?

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  • John Henson
    I have to ask what the connection with small children and having a nude in the house is?
  • Vy

    going to get this print framed for our bedroom :)

  • Vy

    in our culture Buddha is respected and should not be put in the bedroom..it's rude to expose Buddha to the activities of a master bedroom..whether in prints or statues..

  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    John, trying to cater to everyone's sensibilities.

  • bigreader
    I do love a charcoal nude in the bathroom.
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    I'm not touching that one, lol.

  • cecblake

    What do you think of this canvas I've seen? It's slightly shorter than the bedhead width.

  • diannechandler_31
    I would get higher lamps, then a print bring out your colours. I think the idea of bringing in another colour, green as suggested earlier, would look terrific.
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    Cecblake, it looks like a Klimdt, is it? I say go for it.

  • cecblake

    Yes it's a Klimt :)

    I recently bought the lamps online but I agree that they're too short and I'm not very happy with them now. Problem is hubby said "bad luck now, we're not changing the lamps" so I'm stuck with them for a few more years. I can learn to love them...

  • dohraime

    Some blocks of wood used as a plinth under the lamps will give them more height. Could paint red, gold, other, or leave as wood. Or cover in a fabric.

    Or even better, a round "box" with drawer ( like this or this) so you can pop in small items like jewellry if forgotten to take off before going to bed. A small square box would work also.

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  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    Cecblake's Hubby, listen up. You're getting a nu de female picture in the bedroom. If you won't let her get the correct lamps, she's justified to put up a nu de male instead! A happy wife is a better love life!

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    Margaret River Gallery

    I believe art in any room in your house adds soul and feeling. A bedroom will not be seen by everyone visiting your home, but its a very important personal space and why not enhance it with a work of art you love and makes you feel special each time you enter your private sanctuary.

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  • cecblake

    Being both engineers, hubby and I are a bit on the nerdy side so he suggested we get a nice large print of something more "mathematical". Sounds crazy I know but I've found some wonderful designs on google images of Mandelbrot and fractal designs which I think would look fantastic. Examples below. Does anyone know where I could get these images printed in large size or where I could purchase one? I can't find any images online of good enough quality to be able to make a print myself.

  • cecblake

    Or maybe I could print say 3 designs and frame them?

  • PRO
    Margaret River Gallery

    be careful not to have anything too busy as it is a rest zone but it really is your choice, have you considered perhaps photographs of close ups of nature? I think it would work well . attached is an example - leaves or close up s of nature can have interesting repeating patterns= mathematical- I think three of something would look great!

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  • cecblake

    Thanks for your comment Margaret River Gallery. What about something like this? Also there are some cool river images from google maps which look cool but aren't nice colours. Might be appropriate seeing I worked as a flood engineer! Although I don't really want to bring work into my bedroom. Lol.

  • Suzanne Gratton
    A large landscape - could be customised using a photograph of a favourite place you have visited, lived? Artist Tim Gratton is available if you are interested in a commission ? Email: info@precinctsydney.com
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  • lyngill
    I would suggest - 5 x A4 frames with continuous print cut to stretch through all frames above bed. Also think taller lamps needed with tall headboard.
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  • girlguides
    I love the Margaret river gallery pic and cecblake the first two green pictures you posted in reply
    Think would balance room and be peaceful
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  • Ann B
    Artist Amanda Brooks of QLD has beautiful paintings that may well suit your bedroom. I had a couple of her works in bedroom of my last house. Don't know her prices or your budget, but you can enquire at her website. Just Google her. I've attached a small photo of her work. Also, could coordinate your colours with larger/taller lamps. How's the room going so far?made any decisions? Best wishes!
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  • cecblake

    Seems like a lot of the advice I'm getting is also focused on my undersized lamps. I've propped them up on trinket boxes but still can't get the height. I've just found these online which I think I might be able to justify buying as they're not too expensive (see previous comment about my hubby ). Do you think they'll look nice? They're 74cm tall. Thanks again :)

  • Ann B
    Those are attractive lamps. Good height.
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  • lyngill
    Hi, the lamps are really nice but personally I think the base is too dark against the bedside tables. Dark shade is good, Consider a chrome or glass base for a bit of a lift and bling!
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  • Lynnie Busk

    This is how I decorated mine! I love it...and can change the bedcoverings to add colour.

  • atcomas

    Lose the lamps. They look dated already. Install ceiling hung lights as Lynnie suggested to frame the bed. A large art piece between the lights would work well. Check out Janine Rea's art. http://www.janinerea.id.au/. She's a scientist. I have one of her paintings in my kitchen that I was drawn to as soon as I saw it and love seeing it day in day out.

  • LesleyH
    Some inspirations.
  • Fiona Anastasia Whitefoot
    Go for something erotic! It will help putting you and your other half in the mood!
  • lynnh100

    you can get a tapestry and hang it on a rod above the bed - we got a William Morris design in soft gold with green and small touches of sky blue - its great and can be moved to another room later if you change your mind

  • PRO
  • lizzey49
    I also don't like artwork above the bed. The bed head could look more of a statement if you propped it up from underneath, using timber lengths or bricks. Raising it, then adding euro pillows as suggested would be enough of a statement. Then tall lamps or pendant lamps either side as suggested. You could have two smaller artworks either side, lining up with the top of the raised bed head. ( depending on the lamp height)
  • celerygirl

    These lamps are too small. I'd get higher ones. Plus wall art above the bed.

  • Julie Herbert
    I have placed mine off centre only because my hubby has a fear of it falling on him during the night.
  • Susan Ballard
    Another idea is to put into hanging pendant lights above side tables and get rid of lamps With feature light might not need artwork
  • PRO
    Cipriano Italian Home Design

    What about getting a landscape of a place that has meaning to you both printed on a canvas for the space?

  • me me
    I raised my lamps by putting couple of old hardback books under each one.
  • cecblake
    Hello everyone! It's been a while. Thank you all for the overwhelming response. Just thought I'd better update you all on changes I've made. And yes, got rid of those horrible lamps (what was I ever thinking when I bought them???).
    So I know the new lamps aren't still tall enough but they were all I could afford. I think they look nice.
    Wrt the artwork, decided to hang up a triptych of my eldest daughter artwork which I love. Now I know what you will all say: "those frames are way too small". So my next little project is to find larger frames for the artwork.
    On the left corner I usually have a mother-in-laws tongue plant but I had it outside when I took the photo.
  • PRO
    Illuminide Interiors, Expect Excellence.

    Im sorry troubleTribble, the first comment does trouble my tribble. Tasteful nudes in anyones house whether they're in the bedroom or anywhere else always look tacky.:) Even when they are the most professional photos and best looking people you've ever seen.

    Saying that, Urban Road have some lovely art pieces designed especially for the bedroom. A nice piece of art over the bed head always balances the room out and something you both like will always put you subconsciously in a place of rest and joy. This particular one is designed through www.shaynnablaze.com.au and all come with different framing options and sizes.

    Good Luck cecblake!

    Thanks Paul

  • KK1000
    It's only that artwork is to small, its wrong colour and hangs to high, I like them but hang them as a part of gallery wall where they will be part off a bigger picture . Remove all the things from the bedside tables except lamps and tissues, it's to busy.
  • cecblake
    Thanks for your comment oskuee. I think the colour of the artwork will work with my original quilt cover and cushions as in original posted photos. Bigger frames will sit lower too.