Hamptons style or modern?

Scyon Walls
July 28, 2016
last modified: August 16, 2016

Which style do you prefer?

Or modern?

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  • LesleyH
    Eclectic also.
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  • Double D

    I love the Hamptons style it's casual, comfortable and inviting.

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  • PRO
    Richard Cole Architecture

    Modern, although it covers such a broad range of styles within itself! I think it is important to chose a style that suits the specific site and allows the key elements on the site to be enhanced.

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  • PRO

    Both have their beauty and charm. These particular images are fab but modern always.

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  • Lilli Watkins

    Hamptoms = Homey

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  • PRO

    Both are great but i do prefer modern!

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  • PRO
    Northpoint Homes Pty Ltd

    I prefer modern

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  • PRO
    Smith & Smith Kitchens

    We do so much of both and I find myself switching between loving one or the other daily! Wow factor can be achieved in both styles whether on the inside or outside of the house.

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  • PRO

    We just finished doing the electrical work on this beautiful Hampton's style home in Sydney. We work on both modern and Hampton homes and you can never really pick one or the other as they both are amazing in their own way.

    Oxford Falls House · More Info

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  • PRO
    Oz Robes


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  • montytaffy
    Everything has been plain White and cream and 6o's for soo long, hurray for the individuality of the hamptons - colour and as fancy as you like. After a while all the subdivisions started to look the same, even the floor plans.
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  • PRO
    Mortar Studios

    Modern Australian - just needs some landscaping to make it more homely

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