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Wanting to change the layout of my 80m2 apartment.

7 years ago

My apartment is on the ground floor. There are currently windows in the sunroom which we are hoping to change to stacking doors so that we can have access to the front garden. If all goes to plan with our strata meeting.

If this does get passed I was thinking of making the front bedroom and sunroom the lounge area and knocking down the wall in between the bedroom and sunroom. I know that I would need to get an engineer plus approval from the body corporate to see if this is possible. I want to make the current lounge room off the kitchen into the new kitchen and the current kitchen into a bedroom. I would prefer to not have to knock down too many walls as this can be very expensive especially putting up beams. However,

Ohh, and of course I was hoping to move the back door adjacent to where the back door is now. It would be in the living room.

I am certainly no architect an would love some advice as I don't know if having a bedroom off the kitchen is a bad idea. I have two young children and thought having more living spaces is better than just one.

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