What do you do to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements?

Khanh Nguyen
September 19, 2016
last modified: August 27, 2017

As witnessed this weekend, Sydney's weather is sunshine and clear skies one day and wet and grey the next. So what do you do to your outdoor furniture when the rains are 'ere?

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  • Gallifrey

    Anything you put outside will fade, get dirty and deteriorate in the hash Australian climate. Just enjoy it and be prepared for this! Be prepared to rejuvenate or replace periodically.

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  • mazgardiner

    I repainted all my old white cane patio furniture last week. It needs a fresh coat roughly every two years. I made cushions using blue shadecloth filled with dacron. They haven't faded in several years and could be hosed if necessary. I look around for more modern furniture but never find anything as durable or comfortable.

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  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    Put them in the carport. The cushions and cushioned folding chairs are always packed away before the dew.

  • wuff
    I also repaint my outdoor furniture every few years. Last week I did all my wrought iron furniture - last done Spring 2013. Tip: make sure car is not in path of spray :(. Furniture looks good though
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  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    I do ours black every couple of years. Only, there's been so much standing water this year, I don't know whether all the iron chair legs will pass muster for rust. Never a problem with the aluminium ones.

  • KK1000
    Buy aluminium
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    Unless you live near the sea, then salt spray corrodes it.

  • sandy_c
    I cover ours with outdoor furniture covers. this means I don't have to remove cushions and they are protected from fading in the sun and getting wet. I made my own covers as u couldn't find the right shape/size for our setting and it works a treat!
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  • gaye Abraham

    What fabric did you use to make them?

  • sandy_c
    I bought a marine grade fabric that is water repellent. I think the brand is sunbrella & has lots of colours to choose from.
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  • wuff

    Sunburst outdoor living also sell fabric for outdoor cushions etc. I have bought cushions from them that have lasted really well but not sure if marine grade. My cushions are under a patio roof - I leave them out all year, they wash well also but only need a wash about once a year as they can be wiped

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  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    We also can't leave them out of the shed because the dogs tear soft things up.

  • Najeebah
    protect it from the elements? we have to store them inside to protect it from people... with criminal intent
    it is something of an inconvenience, unpacking and assembling furniture and all, and uses up storage space, but if we didn't do so, we would soon have no furniture at all.
    We've recently built up a bench though, and it's proved unstealable and hardy against the weather
  • wuff
    Najeebah..criminal intent makes me so mad.. How very frustrating..we can lock our back patio (which we do) but even when we have been burgled our outdoor furniture was untouched (not to thieves taste) I have some chairs out the front, so far so good but never say never with thieves
  • Najeebah
    yes, really frustrating. sorry to hear you've been burgled
  • wuff
    Changes perspective on human nature!
  • Khanh Nguyen

    Thanks for all your responses! Sorry to hear of your burglar experiences Wuff and Najeebah. Sad to say that there is always a risk associated with having anything nice.

    Storing outdoor furniture after use seems like an inconvenience both time and space wise, however it could protect your furniture from outdoor burglary and nature's wrath!

  • PRO

    i have the same setting as in the picture plus the day bed, so lovely but has faded and mildewed so much has always been undercover but in North Queensland the driving wind still blows the rain mist in. i am considering recovering the cushions with heavy shade cloth and painting the timber.

  • annb1997

    We store the seat cushions from the outdoor dining set indoors. I have left the cushions to another setting out as they are under cover on the deck, but will have to store those in garage come Fall because the harsh western sun, wind and rain is wreaking havoc. There are a lot of them and it's a bit of a hike carrying them from one place to another...but it will be good exercise I suppose.