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September 25, 2016
last modified: September 25, 2016

Hello Houzzers!

I'd like some advice on a bathroom mirror please! I have a small apartment and have just renovated my bathroom as per the pics below. I'm really happy with how it looks but still need to put in a vanity mirror which is where I'd like some help.

Initially I was going to go for a mirror all the way to the ceiling to make the bathroom look bigger but now that the walls are done, I really love the tiles and am reluctant to hide them! My current idea is to go with a plain square mirror with a bevelled edge the width of the vanity and high enough to see the top of a tall person's head. But I'm also wondering if I should go with more of a "feature". If the latter - what would look good here.

I am so lacking in creativity and have difficulty visualising what something would look like so some advice like style, shape, size and edging (bevelled, flat, etc) would be very welcome.

Many thanks,


(The second picture is taken from inside the shower so reflections are from the shower screen)

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  • girlguides
    I think you've been very creative with your bathroom. I'd go with simple Large mirror same width as vanity starting say 300mmhigh Anor vanity and up to say same height as too window eg about 2100. They always look sensational
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  • KK1000
    Yeah what she said, but if you planed it properly you could of have just one row of tiles above vanity and mirror above that so you don't have to ruin the tiles.
  • Gallifrey

    Your bathroom looks great. We decided to go for mirrors that hang from the wall and in a timber frame. Bit different for the standard ones supplied by the shower screen people. Also, easier to replace when you want a change. Photos of the ones we used below.

    Ps. Tiling the whole wall is a good move. Will allow more options.

  • hagan_38
    Beautiful bathroom. I would keep the mirror simple too. This is my ensuite. We tiled to ceiling and mirror went over tiles.
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  • PRO
    Cordony Designs

    A large mirror makes a statement and also doubles as an extra cabinet. Timeless and sleek too! Hope our properties inspire you:

    Mabel Street Willoughby · More Info
    Griffin Place, Glebe · More Info
    40 Elgin Street Gordon · More Info

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  • PRO
    Ella Kate Thrupp

    What about a round hanging mirror for a touch of added interest? Otherwise a nice, large and simple rectangular mirror never hurts with an already beautiful bathroom!

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  • PRO
    Kat Monares

    What a beautiful bathroom! Definitely go for a round/oval mirror - just to change up all the shapes in the space already!

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  • dunchie
    I would use a mirrored cabinet - you can never have too much storage. I hate having my toothbrushes, deodorants etc on show.
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  • PRO
    hungerford+edmunds architects

    All good options. Another choice is to extend the mirror around the corner - can be combined with storage. And don't worry about hiding the tiles - they will be reflected in the mirror!

    Woollahra Terrace · More Info

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  • Sophie

    Thank you so much everyone for all the fantastic ideas. I'm glad I posted here. Your pictures all look amazing too.

    I never considered a mirrored cabinet at first - I didn't think they looked as sophisticated! But the drawers just don't provide enough storage and I think I will go with that - it will satisfy my desire for a large mirror too!

    I love the "round the corner" idea for getting a good view of my hair dos!

    Thanks again everyone :-)