DEADLINE DESIGN: Dream home must-haves

October 17, 2016
last modified: October 17, 2016

On tonight's Deadline Design, Peter and Debbie were going for broke, trying to turn their house into a dream home. Their plans included a Dr Who-inspired media room, and a kitchen to die for.

What one feature would definitely be in your dream home?

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Comments (12)

  • oklouise live in and to pay for and to feel at home on your own or with a crowd

  • LesleyH
    I have trouble with the art. Feels selected just to go with the couch. What happened to art that you love rather than just matchy, matchy.
  • Gioenne Rapisarda

    My dream home would have to include a HUGE kitchen - I love cooking and would revel in space to create delicious food and entertain.

  • PRO
    2 FIND and DESIGN
    Watched this episode and wished I had a $300k budget which actually blew out to $500k!! Love what the team did... if your budget is this flexible I'd have it all too!!
  • Jeannie

    I agree with LesleyH. I didn't watch the programme, but don't like either of the 2 photos you've shown at all, and could definitely not live with that decor.

    It's hard to pick out 1 feature for a dream home, but a walk in pantry would be high on my list. We live in an outer suburb, so only shop weekly, and need to have items on hand which don't involve a quick daily run to the shops, plus a place for the larger kitchen items to live.

  • me me

    An inside laundry, rather than just a corner of the garage

  • Carole
    It is refreshing to see the beautifully executed delivery of such a personalised design brief. Most of what we get to see are generic show room or display home styling. They love it and that's all that matters. Just shows what's possible if we can worry less about what others think.
  • Barbara

    Although low budget compared to the money spent on this reno, I designed my own home but only that hubby was a bit old school and wanted a ranch style home, so rectangle in shape, I feel my lounge room could have been a little bigger but apart from that, very happy.

    I actually don't mind the matchy match theme with the artwork, cushions etc... but I would have used a picture of a green pasture perhaps and not bugs.

  • dalelesley
    Did not see show...but free standing baths, complete with clumsy English style tapware are high on my NO to see home owners get out of that bath in their advancing years!!
    Like other pics, especially colour choices .....
  • Laura
    Fireplace. I have the perfect place for one at home but the climate is a little warm. Might have to move
  • bjbkjjackson
    Love the bathroom! Mainly the tiles and colour choice. It does feel very disjointed in my opinion from the style of the bedroom (see below photo). the bathroom is so modern and sleek but the bedroom is so loud with the wall paper and clashing seat at end of the bed. Then next door the parents retreat/lounge that you access the main bedroom through is all green and bug pictures.
    Other thing I question is the choices in the media room. Client asked for recliner type seating and a projector. They have him a $22,000 TV (projector would have given bigger picture at fast less cost) and these recovered foam chairs that don't recline and don't have a high enough back to lay back into them. Shame as the roof of the media room done like a night sky and the Doctor-who lights were really cool. Bet the owners change the chairs as they just wouldn't be comfortable.
  • akamikazebutterfly

    i loved the 'winter room' - i wouldn't pick the bug pictures either but i didn't mind them. i loved the depth of colour, the mix and match textiles and how cosy it was. wasn't fond of the bedroom wallpaper, i couldn't relax with that. every time i see a stand alone bath i wonder about keeping it the area clean, if its easy to run a mop around fine.

    @bjbkjjackson - totally agree re media room about the seating. i commented while watching it that those chairs wouldn't stay long. with the TV i do recall them saying the client chose the TV - presumably after being told there really wasn't enough room in total to do a tv and a projector [he initially wanted both]. so obviously he decided to upgrade the TV. they never said what size it was but i was surprised at the cost of it - seeing as a 86" UHD costs approx $14K.