Hot or not? Pantone's Colour of The Year

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December 8, 2016
last modified: December 8, 2016

This year's top colour will be familiar to you, especially if you spend a lot of time on Houzz! ;)

It's a crisp green tone that promises a fresh start and more energy for 2017!

What do you make of it? Would you use it in your home? And what does it remind you of?


Comments (23)

  • PRO
    Eliot Koey

    The mint in my mojito...

  • robandlyn

    I like it as an accent colour in small amounts but not as a painted wall!!!! Even one wall painted like that would not reflect well on human faces!! Would look like you had a hangover.

  • Bryan Lip

    Woo hoo! Love the greeeeeeeen!

  • suzineedsahouse

    Did not know this was colour of the year...but just this morning instructed the painters to do the living room feature wall (double height) in almost this colour. Wow...fluke or so "on-trend"?

  • Esther Woodward

    Love Love Love. Its crisp and fresh, however would only use it as an accent.

  • bigreader
    I've not liked the last few Colour of the Year choices. I like green in nature not so much in man made stuff.
  • PRO
    Thorngrove Manor Hotel

    Spring green, apple green-love it!

  • Amy

    I have actually been thinking of painting one of the walls in our study and/or dining room a similar colour! Weird coincidence. So I like this years colour choice.

  • Trisha Morgan
    I have had this colour green for my lounge room rug, cushions and throw for a couple of years. Family and friends love the look.
  • PRO
    Style Precinct

    A fresh pop of colour great used in small does, wonderful with natural woods and materials with raw aesthetic also with lashing of white looks terrific.

  • PRO
    Exact Painting Group

    Nice and fresh

  • bluepincushion

    I'm about to paint over my 70's green kitchen wall and now they're saying this green is the colour of 2017? Seriously, do anyone really paint their walls according to trend colours? Give me neutral anytime, use accent colours to brighten up the place and it'll not be outdated so quickly.

  • PRO
    Express Painting PTY LTD

    Nice fresh summer shade!

  • Paula Priaulx

    I've always loved this colour but only for accents and not for walls. I had a lovely kitchen island/breakfast bar - back in the late 70's - with this colour laminate. In a very dark old house, it was just perfect with plants in red pots hanging in white macramé get the picture. More recently I've used the same colour for table linen, throw cushions and coffee mugs etc. It's fresh and bright and always makes me smile....a happy colour!

  • Lindy Johnson

    Totally agree with blupincushion - it's sooooo 70's eeew.

  • Jenni P
    Love anything green
  • PRO

    Sugly as! There are two new hospitals in Perth with green fascia panels/sunscreens and they both look deplorable. Architects trying to be different is good until they fail.

  • PRO
  • PRO
    Furniture Gallery Richmond

    Love green, but I prefer a darker, more olivey shade. It's much easier to work in with other interior trends such as terracotta and natural earthy tones.

  • bigreader
    Much prefer Dulux's denim colour for 2017.
  • LesleyH
    I prefer the one below. The number 2 of this colour (lighter) won the Dulux 2017 colour of the year I think.
  • Nicole Parker

    The colour reminds me of Houzz!

  • PRO
    Amerex Renovations and Additions

    The colour in our logo is lime green, so we love it hahahha.

    It certainly pops out when styled against crisp white decor.