Kitchen light shade colour advice

January 2, 2017
I'm building a house and have selected my colours for my kitchen but am stuck on the colour for the pendant light that will go over the breakfast bar island.

I have purchased some lights already online but now I see them against my other colours I'm thinking they are too 'bright'. I'm thinking of spray painting them to be a different colour but not sure on the colour to use and I'm looking for suggestions.

The first picture below shows the kitchen colours
1 is the floor tile
2 is the cabinetry
3 is the splash back
4 is the bench tops

The second picture is the pendant light

Third picture is the floor plan of the kitchen area

I have high and low level cabinets going in with stainless steel appliances

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  • bigreader
    I love the light and all the other choices but for me the splashback jars. Is it a colour that you have matched to your other furnishings or chosen in isolation?
  • knackers_p_t
    I agree with the above post. I like the pendant light. But the back splash colour tile seems a little misplaced. If at all possible, i would try for more of a blue/grey toned tile.
    Good luck with you're build.
  • PRO
    Smith & Smith Kitchens

    I love the splashback colour. I think bold splashbacks look great, and if it's a colour you love - all the better. I am a fan of grey with teal, I think it works well with your other selections.

    The light, being over the island bench may help tie in furniture or finishes in your dining or lounge.

    The white bench tops will add a lightness to your kitchen, therefore the pendant may not seem so out of place.

    If you are still undecided you can always put it in situ once the kitchen has been installed.

  • michellecole4
    Thanks for your replies

    The splash back colour ties in with finishing throughout the kitchen, dining and family room (there are different tones of teal/blue/green). My furniture is grey and charcoal colours.

    I have added a photos of the lights for the meal / family room. Pic 1 is the light style and pic 2 is the colour.

    If I change the colour of the pendants shades in the kitchen I will also need to change them on the ones in the meals / family room so they still match.
  • LesleyH
    Are the cabinets 2pac? Darker cabinets really show up fingerprints I find. The cabinets will be striking in themselves and it appears you will have two features competing with each other in regard to the splashback. I feel one has to be subdued.
  • michellecole4
    Yes the cabinets are 2pac.

    If I didn't go the teal what colour would my suggest?
    I would prefer a glass splash back over tiles.
  • philippawright

    What have you committed to already? as to be honest I think it would be worthwhile having a rethink as you live with a kitchen for a long time.

    Have you thought about having the darker cupboards on the lower level and another lighter colour on top?

    The lights could be dust catchers which can happen with a moist kitchen environment. Are they cut glass as you could go with something the same shape in a plain finish.

    With the splash back you could go for a subtle silver grey metallic glass, but your bench top looks quite yellow / pink in my monitor so take a sample to check against. I like a bright splash backs but it all depends on the amount of the colour and how it works with your other colours. If you go with painted glass there is no limit on what you choose.

    Overall it feels as there is a beige theme and a grey theme which you need to ensure there is one element that can draw them together - this may be your cupboards but it is hard to tell on the computer screen.

    A brand new kitchen is a unique opportunity to have what you want and to find harmony in the choices so it is worth taking the time. All the best.

  • michellecole4

    Thanks for your feedback philippawright

    I dont have much room to change as most is already agreed on. I could change the splash back colour but the cabinets and tiling is already done.

    I had thought about the option of having different colour top and bottom cabinets but to be honest when i saw it I didnt really like the look.

    The lights are not glass - they are folded aluminium which now im thinking of it that will probably be even worse for dust. That said the shades do detach so i can always take them down and wash them when they need a deep clean.

    I think your screen is displaying the colours different. I dont have any beige colours - its all grey based. The bench top is a Caearstone one called Organic White - its white with a light grey fleck though it and the tiles are Beaumonts Alto Smoke which is a grey based.

  • 94236633
    I agree with first 2 comments. Love your light. A bit scared of the splash back colour.
  • philippawright

    Thanks for clarifying that Michelle , the samples certainly look different in the link you have provided.

    Re the lights, if you have already purchased them you should wait until other things are done hold them up and see if you like the effect. I suspect if you pick up the same metallic tone in your handles it will help pull the kitchen and living together.

    Resene have metallic paints that you could use for your glass splash back. You could get a test pot and a sample of glass and put it on the wall to see what you think. Blue Green could work but you might need to try a couple of shades with reference to your furniture.

    It is worth noting that the colour always looks different with the glass as it has a soft green hue which softens the colour.

    It would also be worth checking the overall effect with the living room wall colour which you may like to pick up the same tone as feature but with the glass it could look different. All the best

  • knackers_p_t
    I like the splash back colour, i'm just thinking a different tone. So a similar colour, perhaps a deeper blue that has a slight grey tone to it?