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Looking for inspiration

7 years ago

Hi all,

First time poster here, after reading the comments and feedback available I dare say I'll be frequenting these forums! Lots of great ideas and most importantly, honest, constructive feedback. Great site!

We've just finished renovating our first home (10 years in the making) and have sold and bought a new place. The new house is close to the beach and many of the surrounding houses vary from renovated older cladded homes, to knockdown rebuilds and everything in between. For those homes that are renovated in the area, they tend to stick to the beachy/coastal themes - light greys/blues etc.

We've got a good idea of what our theme is mostly for the inside, but we're struggling to see what we could do to the outside to give it a contemporary coastal feel.

Here's what we think we've decided so far. Have the roof 'restored' and resprayed in Colorbond Basalt colour with gutters and fascia matching and we were then thinking about rendering the walls in Dune colour. My concern with this is the house will just look like a rendered old house (well duh!) - if that makes sense. Driving around I see so many beautiful homes that have lovely touches that I just can't seem to visualise on our house and on the flip side I see homes that have just been rendered and they just look so plain. Here's the house in all it's glory

Here's some inspirational shots of local homes that we liked. We really like the different textures and elements (introducing timbers and stone).

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and we'd really appreciate your thoughts!


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