Splash back advice!

Sarah Cruickshank
January 22, 2017
Not sure what splashback would look best in my kitchen. Floor is now grey toned vinyl.

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  • LesleyH
    This is what others have done.
  • LesleyH
    I really like this one if you use grey grout. It is the way the tiles are laid. Stunning.
  • 32young
    glass splashback printed any design.
  • blurock
    How about glass splashback in red or deeper maroon
  • Bec
    Love your island bench!
  • PRO

    With an open plan kitchen, using your splashback tiles to display art is a great way to introduce colour to your area.

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  • LesleyH
    I think your bench is the feature. There should only be one feature and so subdued tiles or subdued glass would be the way to go.
  • Gallifrey

    In my opinion you need something that is a real feature. Your bench is lovely, but still lots of light colours and white. Go for something bold and not boring and bland! Glass and subway tiles are way overdone at the moment.

  • LesleyH
    Debbie Fisher suggested these in another post . Perhaps a good compromise.
  • LesleyH
    Other ideas.
  • Jo
    I like the idea of tiles to give contrast and texture. The idea of any kind of white tile with grey grout is great. Just ensure you thoroughly. Check the grey grout matches the marble and the white tiles work with the kitchen. Simple and classic...and will last forever
  • montytaffy
    Glass splashes are pretty well gone. You're got a great upmarket look. Keep the sophisticated look going with the same tones. Textures for splashbacks are in. I would try and get a subway tile the exact colour grey as the veining in the benchtops. Preferably with a handmade look finish. Lay in a brick pattern. A patterned splash would be too much and not match the marble look. White tiles with dark grout may also add too much pattern with bench top especially if laid in herringbone pattern. I work in tiles and should be easy to find for $50 to $100 a m2. A lot cheaper then thousands in glass.
  • Leeanne L
    Off topic slightly but I'm having problems with my kitchen layout, would you mind showing a photo of where your fridge is? This design is similar to a layout I'm thinking of but I'm not sure where a fridge would fit!
  • Sarah Cruickshank
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm def leaning towards tiles. Was thinking hexagonal or subway with grey grout but really also like the grey subway tile idea - so torn. For the person that asked here's my fridge placement.
  • Leeanne L
    Thank you! Looks great!
  • Debbie Fisher

    Here's a couple, both very different. I think we are so spoilt for choice, I can change my mind every 10minutes. I have no idea how I'm ever going to make up my mind. I love glass splash backs as well. One thing I'm certain of is I like reflective, I love the way light bounces off. So many tiles these days show different colours in different light. Might be good to bring some samples home. Good luck Sarah, let us know how you get on.

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  • james91328

    I love the idea of a 2 inch hexagon. Maybe even if you just did that above the stove and then used a classic marble subway? Gorgeous

  • Bec
    I did a strip of stainless in mine for interest
  • Rach P
    I'd stick with white tiles so that the bench is your feature and the space doesn't have more than one feature. Then you can use accessories/plants in/around your kitchen to brighten it up as you like which you can easily change anytime you want a refresh.
  • PRO
    A & T Cabinet Makers

    Kitchen looks great, is that Smartstone Statuario Venato on the island? We have worked with mirror alot if you have something worth reflecting back into the kitchen. Otherwise we love glass splashbacks. Perhaps white to colour match cabinets. Subway tiles are popular but it does set a certain tone. Smartstone have a huge gallery online so you can see what others have done with the same tops. My client has used a mixed marble on her splashback. My other client using the same stone has done the simple white subway.
    Great job!

  • LesleyH
    The mirror can be smokey too.