Butler Pantry or Not???

Marianne Goldman
3 years ago
We are in preliminary stages of designing our home and I desperately want a butlers pantry however hubby is against it for a number of reasons the main one being it will take our floor size over our limit therefore costing extra $$'s that he would rather use to have a better kitchen/bathroom etc. Where as I'm wanting to reduce the size of the kitchen slightly to accommodate the pantry. Options are pretty much:

A) Have a larger kitchen & hubby gets his wish. Or
B) Slightly smaller kitchen, with pantry but extra costs.

My question really is - are butlers pantries really worth it? Or would you prefer to have a bigger kitchen and put the additional money to other things? Hubby is very strict when it comes to budgets so I need to have a good argument to convince him otherwise.

Your feedback, answers, pros/cons would be greatly appreciated!!

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