Child friendly beach house stairs

Eugenie L
April 1, 2017
Hello. Do you have any ideas on how we can re-upholster our stairs in a childproof way. For example the gripping bars on the steps are very functional but don't look very nice. We're in a beach house so thinking about the sisal type floor covering. The stairs aren't in a good enough state to be sanded down.. thank you very much in advance!!!

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  • Gallifrey

    Kids and stairs do not mix. You need some form of hand rail for them to grip. Regarding the state of the timber. I love rustic, the rougher the better! You can always cover it up again.

  • Eugenie L
    True... thank you!!
  • siriuskey

    safety first so a hand rail is a good start for young & old, the metal strips on the stairs indicate that the stairs have been covered, these are not safe exposed so best you remove them, paint or do the sisal how lovely to have a beach house enjoy

  • Eugenie L
    Thank you... we need to remove the floor covering so will check the state of the stairs underneath.. I was looking for an alternative to the metal strips, something safe but nicer looking.... and we're looking at a rope effect handrail too ...
  • scottevie

    If you like DIY then you might find inspirations from this: http://www.younghouselove.com/2013/11/stairs-and-stripes/

    the couple are currently renovating a very cute beach house

  • siriuskey

    lovely runner and hand rails look like those you'd find on a boat

  • oklouise

    i also love the aged timber look but make sure there's no splinters and add a traditional runner in a gorgeous patterned carpet or sisal and there are rubber edge strips for grip, stair gates for little kids and a handrail for everyone else...check with your floor covering suppliers for options

  • Eugenie L
    Thank you so much for all your ideas... that's really helpful :-)