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Feedback on New build family home plans

Rochelle S
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I am after your feedback and suggestions on our house plans. We are first time builders, planning our forever home, which is daunting! We have a north facing relatively flat, 1 acre block in south-east Queensland. We are a young family of 5 at this stage - we plan on becoming a family of 6 in the next couple of years. Currently our children are almost 5, almost 3 and 11 months. We like the idea of being a close knit family and are not interested in traipsing up the other end of the house to attend to our kiddies, especially at night. Our main goals for our build are to have room for our children to have a fantastic childhood and somewhere to put said children's junk -more storage! Based on initial quotes on other plans with builders in our area, we think we are about $30000 over budget. This does include concrete edging to perimeter of house (to combat red dirt), driveway, 2700 ceiling throughout, turf, security screens, instalation of 9 fan lights and 7 pendant lights (which we have already purchased). Basically we need to cut costs but we are unsure about where and how while still getting what we need and want - your opinion and advice would be greatly appreciated. My apologies for the poor photos, I can't figure out how to upload my plans.

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