I'd love some help with colour for my tiny sitting room

Sandra Sandles
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi, I have a tiny sitting room that doesn't get much light. It's approx 3 x 4 metres, but where the fireplace comes out it's only about 2 x 4 metres, I'd like this room to be cosy and warm but still look fresh and clean. I had planned to paint the walls Dulux Natural White, maybe the ceiling, fireplace & trims, doors vivid white (I've just put the undercoat on them which is white), will this look too cold and will there be enough contrast? I have no idea what colour to paint the timber lining boards. I want a definite contrast but I'm scared to go dark as I want the room to look as big as possible. Can anyone suggest some cosy colours, that are still fresh and won't close the room in too much?

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