Plastic paver system reviews please

Tara D
April 30, 2017
We purchased our late 60's house two years ago. The previous owners replaced the grass between the rather downward slopping concrete driveway with tuscan toppings. Everytime we have heavy rain, much of the toppings move down the driveway and cover the drain in front of our garage resulting in it flooding once and coming close half a dozen times in two years (we have been home the other times and cleared the drain cover). We can't afford to concrete the entire drive yet as there are other renovation priorities but are toying with something like the Surepave plastic paving system you can get at Bunnings and using a slightly larger pebble than we currently have. Has anyone used this system? Do you think the top layer of pebbles would still have the same runoff issues? Thanks in advance.

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  • LesleyH
    We are going to try this.
  • siriuskey

    We have bought Grasscel from a wonderful Sydney company, your lawn grows through it, a bit like the old concrete one but this is made from recycled council rubbish bins

  • bigreader
    Plant it with creeping thyme or similar.
  • siriuskey

    Without any photos it sounds like you might have to build another retaining wall or as bigreader said plant it up with low spreading plants .

  • Tara D
    Thank you all for the suggestions. Will definitely check out those plastic systems. While I like the look and idea of plants/ grass I am hesitant about the practicality with cars driving and parking on them. I am worried about them growing and that enough rain will still result in the soil moving. I have attached some pre-rain pics of the drive for perspective. Half of the stones under the carport and a large amount from the top middle of the drive all ended up covering the drainage grill cover which is in front of the garage (behind the car). Thanks again. So stoked my first post here got replies
  • siriuskey

    lovely house and don;t worry Grass Cel is made to work with cars and parking cheers

  • LesleyH
    How often do you have to mow grasscell?
  • siriuskey

    Check them out here


    It is used with grass and pebbles, your garden doesn't show any grassed areas? are you in a hot dry climate so perhaps pebbles with a product like Grass Cell would be your best choice.

  • siriuskey

    another photo for you

  • Dale Salmon

    Hi Siriuskey,

    I’m looking at grasscel as an option to have grass instead of a concrete driveway.
    I’m curious as to:

    • how has your grass held up with cars working on it?
    • how often do you park on it
    • how does it feel under foot e.g. can you walk on it barefoot no problems?


  • siriuskey

    Hi Dale, We ended up selling the property and sold the grasscel to someone else, can't tell you what they feel like underfoot, Grasscell are great to deal with perhaps they could direct you to a place who has used them, these recycled units are used with gravel as well