Colour me crazy. The world needs more colour.

I seem to be posting lots of before and after pictures with strong colour. Needless to say, I think the world needs more colour.

Here is an apartment located in Melbourne's St. Kilda neighbourhood. The apartment is filled with natural light but it needed more personality. The first picture is from the real estate group who sold the property and their only goal is to make all properties look as big as possible. All furniture lines the walls and yes, it looks large, but there is also a gaping hole in the middle of the room. People don't need an airport landing strip in the middle of the room to get around. I personally like to put my feet up when reading or watching a movie. Where does one put their glass of wine or cup of tea? Home is about relaxing, at least that is what I get my client's to think about when I work with them.

We added colour - lots of it. Even through there are now sultry grey walls and a bold red sofa, the space is inviting and relaxing. We maintained the light feeling in the living room even with the used of grey walls and dark carpeting by adding a light coloured rug. The mix of furniture is eclectic, with the office "dining" chairs paired with a victorian folding table and an Ikea sofa paired with a modern coffee table. Its definitely a particular style that not everyone likes but happily my client loves to mix things up.

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